Michael Dorn is not a new name to us, as he worked for the famous movie Star Trek. With the portfolio of acting, he is also known for being a voice-artists in different animation movies. As he is famous, his personal information is searched for more. But, he has been successful in hiding all his personal affairs into the secretive box.

You might not know, but he is a married man. He hid this information until now, but we are today sharing all his info. Stay put to know Michael Dorn’s married life and his wife. So, what is the figure of Michael Dorn’s net worth? Also, we will be discussing how he survived cancer.

Is Michael Dorn Married Secretly? Who is His Wife?

It’s usual to keep every sort of info secret to that person who loves their career more than their personal life. As Dorn is more conscious in his career, he never expressed his thoughts and life to his fans and followers.

Michael Dorn and Kelly married secretly

Michael Dorn and Kelly married secretly
Image Source: Hollywood.com

Our readers are also asked to know whether Dorn is dating someone or married already. The answer to that question is YES. Dorn is a married man, and he married secretly. As he never mentioned his marital status and married life, no one knows much of his wife.

But, we do know her name. His wife’s name is Kelly. Back in the year 2001, the pair attended the grand premiere of ‘Pretty When You Cry,’ but no one suspected them to be dating. As he finally revealed about his marriage, the gay rumors he had to face became limited.

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However, they sometimes mistakenly attend the show, the duo has maintained to stay away from the limelight. Even though stalking their social media, we are unable to find their personal information. It’s quite hard to reveal his personal life, as the ‘Ted 2’ actor is quite secretive when it comes to his love life.

Michael Dorn was rumored to be in a relationship with Terry Farrell

Michael Dorn was rumored to be in a relationship with Terry Farrell
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, some sources have claimed that Dorn had been in a relationship with someone before he married Kelly secretly. As mentioned in Who’s Dated Who, he allegedly linked with Terry Farrell, but the proof of that never came out.

Dorn Shared How He Survived From Cancer!

Well, this news became viral once. Dorn was suffering from cancer and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had to battle with early stages, but later he refined himself from the disease.

The year 1952 was when he was born. His fall of fame includes the movies like ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Trek VI,’ and ‘Lessons for an Assassin.’ He is now one of the respected men as he became successful in both his professional and personal life.

What is The Net Worth of of Michael Dorn?

After appearing in the franchise ‘Star Trek’, one can only assume that the actor’s net worth rose to a new height. As per reports from Salary, the average salary of an actor is $57,459. Michael Dorn started to appear in the acting field in 1978, which suggests he has been receiving a heavy amount of salary.

Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek

Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek
Image Source: Digital Spy

To say the truth, Dorn is a talented person, besides a famous actor, he has also maintained to put his name in other fields like a voice actor, screenwriter, and many more. As a voice actor, he is mainly famous for voicing like I. M. Weasel, Mata Nui, and Kalibak. As per reports from Gravy For The Brain, the average salary of a voice actor is $2000 $5000 per audiobook.

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As a screenwriter, we believe that he has been receiving a massive amount of money. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Dorn’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Besides that, he is also quite active on Twitter with more than 296k followers. We believe that his tweets are helping him to increase some digits in his fortune, don’t you think?

Breakout From Star Trek

Well, we think, we don’t have to talk much about an American sci-fi movie ‘Star Trek’. Maybe you know much about the movie than us. Michael Dorn was featured in the ‘Star Trek’ with the role of Worf. According to our evaluation, the public hasn’t forgotten about his role and is still admiring his role, ain’t you?

The worldwide famous franchise ‘Star Trek’ made 385.7 million USD which was made with a budget of 150 million USD. The movie was not only a box office success but was also able to in Academy Award.

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