Miah Harbaugh is the ex-wife of prominent American football coach, Jim Harbaugh. Jim currently serves as the head coach at the University of Michigan and boasts a past career as an NFL player.

Miah is not so famous, but she gained recognition primarily through her marital connection with Jim. However, it’s important to note that Jim and Miah Harbaugh have been living separate for over a decade.

To unveil these details and gain insights into her present life, let’s delve into the chapter of Miah Harbaugh’s personal journey.

Married Life with Jim Harbaugh

The love story of Miah Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh began in the early 1990s. They first met in Orlando, Florida. Miah, a lively and young woman, was working as a waitress. While Jim had already established himself as a talented NFL quarterback.

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The connection between them led to their marriage. And, finally, Jim Harbaugh married Miah in 1996. At that time, they both marked their beginning of a journey filled with love and partnership.

Importantly, Miah played a crucial role as a supportive figure in Jim’s life, especially as he pursued his football career. She stood by him during both home and away games, contributing significantly to his early success in the sport.

Miah and Jim Welcomes Three Kids

Miah and Jim Harbaugh have three wonderful children. The eldest, Jay, has chosen a path akin to his father, becoming a running backs coach at the University of Michigan. His career reflects his love for the sport and his commitment to coaching.

Miah Harbaugh with her ex-husband and kids.
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James Jr., the middle child, has embraced his uniqueness and artistic passions. As an openly gay individual, he fearlessly pursued a career in the arts, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing from Michigan. His creative talents and dedication to self-expression are sources of pride for his parents, showcasing his individuality.

Grace, the youngest daughter of Miah, has a deep passion for water polo.

Divorce Between Miah and Jim

The Miah and Jim Harbaugh’s marriage ends in 2006. And the specific reasons behind their divorce were not publicly disclosed.

However, Miah Harbaugh hinted in an interview that Jim’s demanding and hectic schedule might have contributed to the marital breakdown. The pressures and time constraints linked with Jim’s commitments may have strained their relationship over the course of their ten-year marriage.

Subsequent to the divorce, Miah secured custody of their children and a significant portion of Jim’s assets. And she opts to reside in Coronado, California, Miah took on the primary caregiving role for their offspring.

Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh entered into a new chapter of his life, marrying Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh in 2008. The couple went on to expand their family, welcoming four children together. Despite the end of his first marriage, Jim Harbaugh moved forward, embracing a new family dynamic and life journey with his second wife.

About her Ex-Husband: Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is a prominent figure in American football. Jim is renowned for his competitive spirit; Harbaugh enjoyed a successful playing career as a quarterback in the NFL before transitioning to coaching.

As a quarterback in the NFL, he played for teams such as the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. Jim’s coaching prowess became evident as he led Stanford University to football success, earning him acclaim.

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In the NFL, he coached the San Francisco 49ers, guiding them to a Super Bowl appearance. His dynamic coaching style and commitment to the game continue to shape his legacy in football, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Her Ex-Husband, Jim Suspended by Big Ten

Jim Harbaugh, Miah’s ex-husband, got suspended by the Big Ten on November 10, 2023, for three games. This happened because the school he coaches was involved in a sign-stealing operation. The suspension was announced after a game against Penn State, and it means Jim won’t be able to coach during the Wolverines’ last three regular-season games.

Despite this, Grace, Miah’s daughter, stood up for her dad, saying he treats all the players like his own kids. She mentioned that even when things get tough in Michigan, she has never heard her father complain.

Net Worth

Miah Harbaugh is said to have around $2 million. She hasn’t talked much about her job or how she makes money. But she did get some money from her divorce with Jim Harbaugh, her ex-husband.

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On the other hand, Jim Harbaugh has an impressive net worth of $25 million, reflecting his successful career as a football coach. Jim’s substantial net worth is largely attributed to his prosperous journey as a football coach.

His lucrative $40 million contract with the University of Michigan underscores the recognition and value placed on his coaching expertise. As a prominent figure in the football world, Jim has achieved success and financial rewards through his exceptional coaching abilities, strategic insights, and leadership skills.

Age, Bio & Early Life

Miah Harbaugh was born on August 25, 1966, in New Jersey, USA. Her early life is not widely documented, but she eventually moved to Orlando, looking for new chances and a new beginning.

About her education, Miah attended the University of Michigan. She graduated with a degree in Paralegal Studies, highlighting her dedication to learning and personal development.

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