A tragedy is a part of human’s life, which gives them an opportunity to change from what they were. The Canadian rapper Cole Stevenson was left with a noticeable facial scar by bat and machete. However, the tragedy led him to become a famous rapper with an inspirational album entitled “Scars.” He is known to the world by the stage name Markules. Because of his raw rapping style, he was nominated for Western Canadian Music Award.

Embracing tears, sweat, and blood, Markules has earned a reputation and respect from other artists as well as his fans. People are now curious to know who Merkules girlfriend is. Also, learn the details about Merkules songs and albums. Are you interested to know the figure of Merkules net worth?

On the deck, we’ll be digging into Merkules wiki facts, bio, age, family, height, net worth, songs, albums, and girlfriend.

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Merkules Songs, Albums, and Net worth

Initially, Merkules began writing song lyrics at the age of 10. But he started making music after the terrible incident occurred in his life when he was 16. The left marks of the scars helped him get influenced to make music. At first, he made an appearance with the stage name Merk Mikz at the famous battled tournament King of the Dot.

He then began releasing mixtapes such as Sucker For Pain Remix, Shape of You Remix, Bad and Boujee Remix and many more. His impressive musical talent set an impression on the audience.

Merkules has even dropped the albums like Page Efex, Anxious, Muddy, Bacon Bits, Trust Your Gut, and Try Get It. But he is mostly known for the album “Scars,” which speaks about the dreadful incident of his life. Through his raw talent, lyric playing skill and shirtless rapping skill, he has accumulated substantial wealth.

But what’s the figure of Merkules net worth? As of 2018, Merkules has an estimated net worth os around $800 thousand. 

Merkules Girlfriend and Dating Affair

Well, the Canadian rapper Merkules is in a relationship with his beautiful long-time girlfriend, Carissa. In March 2014, the lovebirds first met each other through social media when Merkules was in a deep depression. Since then everything started to change in the rapper’s life.

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After talking for six months, they met in a person, and their heart clicked right away. On 15th September 2014, they began dating. On their 4th anniversary, Merkules shared the glimpse of their love life and expressed his feeling to his girlfriend. He told:

I’ve never met somebody so caring, someone so quick to call you on your bullshit because they see a better version of you beneath it all, someone so naturally beautiful, someone so honest and charismatic.

He continued:

 hope you know that when I call you perfect I really mean it, I struggle trying to find things wrong with you, You’re so amazing that sometimes I have to poke to you make sure your real.


The 26-year-old rapper doesn’t miss any chance to flaunt his love on social media. They seem to be loyal in their relationship.

Merkules Wiki – Bio: Age, Family, Height, Scars

Merkules was born as Cole Stevenson in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in 1992. His birthday falls on 27th September, which makes his age 26.

Merkules was born in the family of Stevenson. He began writing lyrics when he was 10.

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At the age of 16, Merkules faced a terrible accident, which left him big scars on his cheek close to his eyes. The incident occurred when he was going home on a late night where some grownup teen attacked him. He was left with scars mark that led him to anxiety. But music helped him overcome the stress.

Merkules is quite tall. His height measures 5 feet 8 inches.