If you keep update yourself with Hollywood star news, then you might know Melissa Molinaro. She is a talented artist who had imprinted her name in the field of music, acting, and dancing.

Melissa Molinaro, with her gift, had an appearance in many sectors, which made her on our page today. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing you some details on her net worth, professional and personal life.

Earnings of Melissa Molinaro

Melissa Molinaro, with her involvement in many areas, has accumulated an estimated income of $8 million.

As you might know, Melissa is a Canadian-American pop singer, Choreographer, model, and actress. She can be seen in many shows, advertisements, and other cinematic events.

Earnings as an Actress

Melissa has assembled tons of applauds from her work as an actress. She played an uncredited role of a solider’s girlfriend in the movie, High Crimes, in 2002.

The Canadian-American star is famous for her work on the screen, like Making the Band 3, Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, and Honey 2.

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On average, celebrity earns around $19.90 to $99.19 per hour through their acting skills. It isn’t surprising to know; Melissa collected hefty numbers from her time in this field.

Earnings as a Model

The beautiful actress from her modeling career also made a specific portfolio because a model is paid from $20 to $100 in an hourly shoot. So, with her involvement in this sector, Melissa should generate a massive amount to boost her multi-million dollar net worth.

Earnings as a Choreographer

Molinaro is also an expert dancer. She has performed in many shows plus teaches actors to dance in many events.

Music Video of Melissa Molinaro – Dance Floor

An average choreographer makes $24 in an hour class; as a result, from her dancing class, Melissa might accumulate a good figure of money.

Earnings as a Musician

Molinaro has a successful career in the musical industry. She released many albums as a singer. Some of her projects are, Dance floor – The Remixes, Shake the World, and The One.

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As a musical artist, she is available to collect some portion of her current wealth.

Earnings as a Youtuber

Most of you might not know, but our millionaire lady also has two youtube accounts. One is named melissasmithofficial and other Melissa Molinaro. Though she rarely uploads some video, due to her fanbase, Melissa has more than 107k subscribers in her Melissa Molinaro youtube account.

Music Video of Melissa Molinaro – I Believed 

The beauty from her melissasmith account posted 53 videos related to her music videos and has 19.6k followers. So, Melissa generates up to $580 yearly from her professional account.

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Molinaro has only 11 videos uploaded in her second account; still, her earnings should range from $2.1 thousand – $33.3 thousand annually.

Earnings as an Entrepreneur

Our successful personality is the creator of the brand, MAE. The company is all about ready-to-wear clothing brand founded in 2013. The focus for making the modern rendering of classic elegance using high-quality materials.

As a celebrity running clothing brand, her significant portion of the wealth might be positively affected by her business.

Is Melissa Molinaro Married?

The founder of MAE is happily married to Bryan Kowalski. He works as a managing consultant for Mainspring Counsalting Group LLC in Los Angeles, California. Before his work in the consulting business, Bryan also worked for Health Management Associates, Inc., and WellCare Health Plans. 

Melissa Molinaro’ marriage ceremony made it to the headline of many media on October 2, 2016. In the event, she even surprised Bryan with a seven-minute dance set to several different songs.

The lovebirds together share a beautiful daughter, London Rose Kowalski. Right now their family has three members but they will soon increase the numbers as their love grows with the time.

Quick Facts

  • She was cast as the lead in on-stage productions like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.
  • As a lead singer of the band, Goddess, she signed to a production deal with Interscope Records.
  • Melissa began her career in the movie from the film High Crimes and The Hillz.
  • Molinaro is the family name of her mother, whereas Smith came from her father’s family.
  • In her career, she also showed her appearance in famous TV shows, Jimmy Kimmel and How I Met Your Mother.
  • Her business MAE is named after her grandmother, Mae Smith.
  • Once there was a controversy about Melissa dating Kim Kardashian ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush.
  • She was even recommended as a look-alike as Kardashian in “SUPER C-U-T-E” Old Navy commercials, and Kim also filed a case against the commercial agency.

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