Tennis Player turned businessman, Lamar Roemer is known for his successful enterprise venture that profited him into having a status of millionaire. He is a talented businessman rising in the eyes of the media.

Many of the people may also know him as the husband of a talented businesswoman after his relationship with rising star, Theresa Roemer.

Lamar Roemer Married To Wife Theresa Roemer

The businessman Lamar Roemer is the lucky husband of Theresa Roemer, a former bodybuilder turned businesswoman. Well, Mr. Roemer operates his business along with his beautiful wife who helped him take the height of their oils corporation to where it stands today. The couple is both great minds with the support of each other in their business.

Lamar Roemer With her Wife Theresa Roemer

Lamar Roemer With her Wife Theresa Roemer
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As reported by MarriedWiki, they first met in the year 2001 and started dating soon after. After dating and knowing each other for about six years, they tied the knot in 2008. Since then, the couple are together without any signs of domestic violence or misunderstanding.

Lamar Roemer With his Wife and Children

Lamar Roemer With his Wife and Children
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The couple has 5 children, Tashina, Michael, Lauren, Maximillian, Leslie, and LB Romer. Unfortunately, they lost their son Michael in the year 2008 which was quite a hard year for them.

Lamar Roemer Work

Well, Roemer’s wife quickly rose to popularity after she revealed her closet to the whole world. Theresa, apparently, owns the biggest closet in America. Speaking of which, Theresa built her closet which is three stories by investing $500,000.

Lamar Roemer Founded Several Oil Companies

Lamar Roemer Founded Several Oil Companies
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Lamar’s closet has all kinds of expensive brands’ clothes, accessories, and a bar where the visitors and friends can enjoy Theresa’s favorite champagne. The closet lies in the Texas mansion where Lamar and his wife live in with their children.

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While his wife is busy with all Clothes business, he has been donating his time to expanding his oil business. As of now, he is the founder of two big oil companies making more than 100 million a year increasing their wealth.

Lamar Roemer Net Worth

As an owner and founder of several oil companies, one can only imagine the wealth Lamar Roemer possesses. With her wife being an active businesswoman and entrepreneur colleagues, the couple is on way to amassing great wealth for their better living. Lamar used to run about more than half a dozen oil companies, of which two of them are active now.

Both Couples are a great business-minded person of the time

Both Couples are a great business-minded person of the time
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Maximillian Production Company has a great source of income for the businessman. Besides, Roemer Oil Company has a net worth about more than a billion. With such great marketing, he must have a great salary. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. With his earning, Roemer was able to own a mansion worth $12 million in Texas.

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Along with Lamar, his wife is also a multi-millionaire. The businesswoman has some extra earning from her Instagram and YouTube Channel.

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