Emily Kuchar became well-known when she married a famous sports star. Most people recognize her as Zack Greinke’s wife. Zack Greinke is a skilled American baseball player, and he plays for the Kansas City Royals.

However, Emily is not just known for being a celebrity wife. In the past, she was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. But Emily didn’t stop there – she decided to try something new and ventured into modeling. This shows how versatile she is, exploring different paths beyond the world of sports.

Early Life And Education

Emily Kuchar was born on November 11, 1984, in Florida. She started dancing at the age of four and became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at 18 due to her talent for movement and rhythm.

While attending Apopka High School in Orange County, Florida, she met her future husband, Zack Greinke, a professional baseball player.

After high school, she studied communications at the University of Central Florida. Emily’s early years included dance, cheerleading, and pageantry, shaping her into a businesswoman and supportive partner in the baseball world.

Emily Kuchar’s Married Life With Zack Greinke

Zack Greinke and Emily have been married since November 21, 2009. They first met at Apopka High School, where Emily, working as a library assistant, caught Zack’s eye while he was doing homework in the library. The high school sweethearts have celebrated over a decade of being together.

Emily Kuchar with her husband Zack Greinke in their wedding.
Image Source: Instagram

In an ESPN interview, Zack expressed the importance of Emily’s constant presence, saying, “Just her always being there. You look in her eyes, and it just makes you feel good.”

Emily often shares glimpses of their romantic and stable life as a couple. She is a supportive partner to Zack, attending and cheering for him at his matches. Their marriage is described as a happy and harmonious union.

Blessed with Children

Zack and Emily Kuchar are proud parents to three wonderful boys. Bode Nicholas Greinke, Griffin Greinke, and Jordy Zachary Greinke. Bode the eldest son was born on July 23, 2013, bringing immense joy to the family. Four years later, in June 2017, Griffin joined the Kuchar-Greinke clan, adding more laughter and love. The youngest of the trio, Zachary was born in November 2021, completing this heartwarming family.

Emily Kuchar with her three sons.
Image Source: Instagram

A delightful sight unfolds as Emily’s children enthusiastically support their dad, Zack Greinke, in various endeavors. From cheering him on during baseball games to being there for family moments, the Greinke siblings share a remarkable bond.

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Emily’s Journey as Cheerleader for Dallas Cowboys

Emily Kuchar has been passionate about dancing since she was a child. This interest eventually sparked her journey to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

She actively took part in Dallas Cowboys cheerleader auditions across the country. Her dedication paid off when, at the age of 18, she achieved her goal and became a cheerleader for the NFL team.

Emily Kuchar with her friend on cheerleader’s dress.
Image Source: Instagram

After two years of cheering, Kuchar decided to explore a new path and ventured into the world of fashion modeling. She has shared her experiences as a cheerleader on Instagram, giving a glimpse into her exciting journey and the joy she found in the world of dance and cheerleading.

Shifts Carrer to Stylist

Initially excelling in beauty pageants and as a cheerleader, Emily had dreams of becoming an entertainment reporter. Studying communications at the University of Central Florida, she was set on pursuing a career in the media industry.

However, life took unexpected turns for Emily. Once in the spotlight as the wife of a successful baseball player, her career plans shifted.

Nowadays, Emily has successfully established herself as a fashion stylist, creating her own business named Styled By Em. Starting from the ground up, she utilized her fame to her advantage.

Emily’s passion for fashion dates back to her early days as a dancer, where dressing up for performances was a joy. Today, she channels that love into helping others find their style, offering insights and thoughts on fashion through her work.

Greinke’s Net Worth & Lavish Lifestyle

Emily Greinke’s total wealth, which is about $300,000, comes from her roles as a fashion stylist and running her own business. She has earned money through her work in the fashion industry and managing her business endeavors.

Emily Greinke holds the net worth of $300,000.
Image Source: Instagram

In contrast, her husband, Zack Greinke, is a professional baseball pitcher with a much higher net worth of approximately $120 million. The bulk of Zack’s wealth comes from his successful Major League Baseball (MLB) career, marked by lucrative contracts and substantial salaries.

Reportedly earning $32 million annually, Zack has made significant investments, including a two-home compound in Studio City, purchased for $4,750,000 in 2013, and a 1200-square-foot house in Paradise, Arizona.

Emily’s Social Media Presence

Zack Greinke’s spouse, Emily Kuchar, is active on social media, particularly on Instagram with the username @emilygreinke. She has garnered a following of over 13,000 users on this platform.

Contrary to Instagram, Emily does not engage on other social media platforms such as Twitter. However, she enjoys sharing details about her life on Instagram, providing glimpses into her experiences and activities for her followers.

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