Chasey Calaway is a celebrity daughter of a legendary wrestler, The Undertaker also known as Mark William Calaway. Her dad, The Undertaker, is a wrestling legend, and her mom, Sara Calaway, knows her way around the ring too.

So, when you see Chasey with her famous parents, it’s no wonder the media can’t get enough of her. She is the eldest daughter of the wrestler. She grew up with her younger sister, Gracie Calaway.

Now, where is Chasey, and what’s she up to these days? Let’s dive into the details and uncover everything about this celebrity daughter!

Age, Bio & Early Life

Chasey Calaway was born on November 21, 2002, in the USA. She holds an American nationality and falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Being the first child of wrestling legends, The Undertaker and Sara Calaway, she’s got quite the family legacy. She’s not the only child, though. She has three siblings from her dad’s previous marriage: Gunner Vincent Calaway, Gracie Calaway, and Kaia Faith Calaway. (

Chasey Calaway with her half-siblings.
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Chasey’s grandparents on her dad’s side are Catherine Calaway and Frank Calaway. There is no more information about what they do for a living. On her mom’s side, her grandparents are Carrol E. Frank and Karen Frans.

As for her education, it’s a bit of a mystery. She hasn’t spilled the beans on her academic journey yet, but given her age, she’s probably navigating the high school in USA.

Chasey Calaway: Daughter of Sara Calaway and Undertaker

As mentioned earlier, Chasey Calaway’s mom and dad are Sara Calaway and Mark, but you might know him as The Undertaker. Sara, who used to be a wrestling valet and even wrestled a bit, was Mark’s valet too. She later managed tag teams after that.

But here’s the thing, after seven years of being married, her parents decided to go separate ways. Now, they’ve both moved on and are living their lives with new partners.

A Bit on Chasey Calaway Personal Life

Chasey Calaway is currently focusing on her career and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share details about her relationship status on social media. There’s no dating history or past engagements to her name. Right now, it’s all about her career journey for Chasey.

Chasey Parents Married Life

Chasey’s dad, The Undertaker, has had a bit of a journey when it comes to love. His first marriage was with Jodi Lynn in 1989, but that chapter closed in 1999.

Chasey Calaway’s Parents, The Undertaker and Sara Calaway.
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Soon after, in 2000, he married the Chasey’s mother, Sara Calaway. Unfortunately, their story took a turn, and they decided to part ways in 2007.

Now, The Undertaker, aka Mark, has found his happily-ever-after with Michelle McCool. They married in the year 2010, and since then, they’ve been rocking the married life. It seems like third time’s the charm for The Undertaker, and he’s sharing this chapter of his life with Michelle.

About Her Father, The Undertaker

The Undertaker is a living legend in the world of professional wrestling. He transcends the boundaries of the ring with his unmatched charisma and awe-inspiring presence. This Texan powerhouse has become an enduring symbol of the WWE, captivating audiences for over three decades.

The Undertaker debut in 1990 and characterized by his eerie entrance, dark attire, and unparalleled in-ring skills, quickly established him as a fan favorite. His streak of 21 consecutive victories at WrestleMania remains one of the most iconic feats in wrestling history.

Chasey Calaway’\s father, The Undertaker unseen photo.
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Mark Calaway’s commitment to his character, “The Deadman,” has earned him respect and admiration from fans and followers alike. Beyond the scripted rivalries and scripted outcomes, The Undertaker’s dedication to his craft and ability to evolve his character over the years have solidified his status as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Outside the ring, Mark’s personal life, including his high-profile marriages, adds layers to the complex persona of The Undertaker. As he embraced different roles within the WWE, Mark Calaway’s legacy endures, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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Undertaker Retired From WWE

The Undertaker’s wrestling journey lasted thirty years, from November 22, 1990, to November 22, 2020. His hard work paid off with three world heavyweight championships, six tag team titles, and a Royal Rumble win.

Chasey Calaway Father, The Undertaker giving speech in his last moments of his WWE Career.
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After retiring, he shifted from business to family, finding happiness being present with wife Michelle and daughter Kaia in Austin, Texas.

Net Worth of Chasey and Her Father

Chasey Calaway, being just nineteen, is still on the journey of building her career. Right now, she’s living the good life with her mom, Sara Calaway, who used to rock the wrestling scene. Chasey is just starting out; she’s got a family history of success to look up to.

Now, when it comes to money matters, The Undertaker, Chasey’s dad, made some serious income during his wrestling days. His net worth is estimated to be around $17 million. The Undertaker has a whopping net worth from his legendary WWE career.

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