Maureen Blumhardt is a former model and humanitarian. Blumhardt is popular as a wife of American retired basketball player, Charles Wade Barkley.

Charles Wade Barkley cheerful married life with Maureen Blumhardt is regarded as one of a legendary love story among sports celebrities. In fact, what is a special zest that makes the couple loves life special?

Do they share any children? Let’s explore more about their married life, net worth and other facts in this wiki-bio.

How’s Maureen Blumhardt Married Life? Who is Maureen Blumhardt Husband?

Maureen tied the knot with her boyfriend turned husband, Charles Wade Barkley on 9 February 1989. They exchanged their vows secretly without public acknowledgment.

Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley.

Charles is Afro-American while Maureen belongs to a White race. Those days racism was still alive. As a matter of fact, they didn’t announce their marriage publicly.

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Maureen firstly met at a restaurant in Bucks County called City Avenue. Both fall in love at first sight and eventually starting dating. Their relationship was disproved by many people but the duo never had any falter in their love.

Despite the fact, the couple loves unconditionally avoiding public interest. Now, the husband and wife passed three decades of conjugal life and still in a strong love bond.

Do Maureen Blumhardt Shares Any Children?

The couple is proud parents of one daughter, Christiana Barkley born in 1989.

Maureen Blumhardt with Husband and Daughter.

Similarly, it was also believed that Maureen gave birth to a son. However, it remained only as rumore as it vanished in thin air and the pair never confirmed the news.

What Is Maureen Blumhardt Net worth?

As of 2019, Maureen Blumhardt net worth is around $2 million. Primarily, she inherited her fortune from her husband. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley net worth is around $40 million, as of 2019. He earned a hefty earning from his successful basketball career and involvement in acting.

Charles was also a huge gambler and admitted over $1o million of loss in life in gambling.

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The basketball player also added plenty of bucks from his brand endorsement and sponsorships with big companies like Nike, McDonald, and T-Mobile.

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Blumhardt owns a lavish mansion in Scottsdale’s Gainey Ranch worth $2.2 million. She also owns Lincoln Navigator, whose starting value is $81,205. 

In contrast, Maureen is working in a non-profit organization, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation as an honorable member.

Well, Maureen Blumhardt net worth is going to increase in the near future.

Quick Facts About Maureen Blumhardt; What is her Age?

How tall is Maureen Blumhardt?

6 feet 6 inches

What is Maureen Blumhardt weight?

50 kg

What is Maureen Blumhardt body measurement?

37-27-37 inches