Matthew Gilmour Is Proud To Be Elizabeth Smart Husband: How Is His Married Life With The Courageous Abductee

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Matthew Gilmour
Born NameMatthew Gilmour
Birth PlaceAberdeen, Scottland
Eye ColorBlue
Zodiac SignUnknown
ProfessionMormon missionary and Activist
WifeElizabeth Smart
Net WorthUnder Review

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Matthew Gilmour married the once abductee Elizabeth Smart. The story of Elizabeth Smart abduction can make your hair stand on end as a man with a knife in his hand kidnapped her from her own room in front of her sister.

Elizabeth Smart complete story will also take you in a towering rage when the reports said that the then 14-year-old age Elizabeth was raped multiple times by the kidnapper who pretended to be a religious prophet entirely not, a hypocrite religious prophet rapist!!!

Elizabeth Smart survived the rape with the help of police investigation and the local inhabitants of the hypocrite prophet’s residency area. By now, you must have started pondering over who Matthew Gilmour is?

Does he know all about Elizabeth Smart’s life before the wedding? What do Elizabeth Smart’s and Matthew Glamour’s parents think about their married relationship? Will the married relationship continue when Matthew comes to know the truth?

You will find this write up informational also about Elizabeth Smart husband Matthew Gilmour age wiki bio and net worth as of 2020. 

Matthew Gilmour Wedding with Elizabeth Smart!

Elizabeth Smart traveled worldwide giving inspirational lectures and motivational speeches after she survived rape. On the course of her travels, Elizabeth Smart met Matthew Gilmour.

Matthew Gilmour first met Elizabeth Smart in Paris in 2009. In fact, they happened to cross their paths when they were in the Mormon mission trip there.

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Matthew Gilmour works for the missionary, is from Scotland, and was in Paris for his mission job. First, they started their relationship with friends and then gradually evolved their dating into a romantic relationship. Matthew Gilmour recalls his first meet with Elizabeth Smart:

“I got to know her as she truly is.”

“The thing that attracted me the most to her  – at the beginning and now – is how confident she is, especially considering everything she has been through.”

The two exciting partners could not resist developing their deep friendship romance into a wedding ceremony within three years.

Both Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilbur started going to see one another to their homeplace. Elizabeth would go to Scotland and Matthew to the Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

They finally took their wedding vows in January 2012, after Matthew Smart promoted their love conversations into a wedding proposal with a sapphire engagement ring. This is how he proposed:

“Elizabeth Ann Smart, will you marry me?”

With their happy parents’ blessings, the wedding ceremony took place on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Matthew Gilmour proved an affectionate boyfriend and husband to agree to change the wedding site honoring his wife’s choice.

They live in Scotland after their wedding, and Matthew Gilmour’s parents are happy to see the couple happily living their married life.

Did Elizabeth Smart Husband Know His Wife’s Past Before the Wedding?

Elizabeth Smart husband, Matthew Gilmour says he fell in love with Elizabeth Smart’s confidence despite her traumatic past.

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Caption: Matthew Gilbur with wife Elizabeth Smart 

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This doesn’t necessarily mean he did a favor to her. He was rather impressed with the courage and activeness she had gathered moving out of the fear and hatred.

Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour’s Children

Elizabeth Smart is the type of lady who feels her family is everything for her. With her supporting, loving, and caring husband she has two children with whom she frequently appears on her Instagram account. Matthew Gilmour and wife Elizabeth Smart are blessed with their first child, a daughter, in 2015.

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They christened their first child with the name Chloe. She is at the age of two. In April 2017, when Chloe was just about to reach her age of 2, she got her brother, the family’s new member, James.

Elizabeth Smart Husband Matthew Gilmour Age and Wiki Bio

As of now, Matthew Gilmour’s age is 28. He is from Scotland. Matthew Gilmour parents were music teachers. He lost his father who died of cancer at the age of 48.

Furthermore, Matthew Gilmour has three sisters and a brother. Gilmour first met with Elizabeth in 2009 and they married in 2012. They have two children and live in Scotland. Moreover, Matthew Gilmour has traveled worldwide sharing her story and inspiring people to gain strength from sorrows.

Matthew Gilmour Net Worth

Matthew Gilmour involves more in missionary projects for social welfare. The fact of the matter is, his wedding with Elizabeth Smart bestows the couple with good wealth and prosperity.

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While Elizabeth Smart has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million (2018), the Elizabeth Smart husband Matthew Gilmour net worth is yet to go into the public.

Well, now, in 2020, Elizabeth Smart has already added around $300 thousand to her total net worth which means, she now has an estimated net worth of around $2 million

We will soon update the Matthew Gilmour net worth as soon as the worth becomes available.

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