Police detective Joe Kenda, who featured on television show Homicide Hunter, married a high school day’s sweetheart Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda. They tied the knot during 26th December 1967. The couple did not entangle in extramarital affairs and its baseless rumors in their fifty years of married life.

Tale of Mary Kathleen’s married life with husband Joe Kenda

Their love saga initiated when they were high school students. They continued their love circle for two years and finally decided to surrender each other in their campus days.

Mary Kathleen Mohler. Source: Calamuchita Travel

Both of them had attended the University of Pittsburgh. The date 26th December 1967 marked the beginning of Mary Kathleen’s wedding life with Joe Kenda.

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Kenda recalled how his wife Mary responded his dedication to homicide career in a Face to Face article. One night, Mary Kathleen was convinced unknowingly that her husband might lose life in the middle of the job.

Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda
Caption: Joe Kenda and Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda. Photo Credit: networth post

She confronted him that she would not be able to hold her right presence of mind within Kenda’s worktables. In 1993, they moved to Falcon and three years later he retired. Joe Kenda asserted;

I loved the work, my wife – not so much

The couple encompassed marriage hassles, bickering, love spats and enthralling moments together for fifty years. Though they stumbled on Kenda’s daunting homicide experience, both learned to lean on each other.

They have two daughters, whose names are still unknown to the public. They have been successfully hiding off cameras. Mary Kathleen and Joe Kenda have pushed out limelight on public lives including their beloved children. Now, they are currently residing in Virginia.

Wiki Bio on Joe Kenda, husband of Mary Kathleen

Joseph Patrick Kenda, popularly known as Joe Kenda was born on August 28th, 1964 in western Pennsylvania town of Herminie. He is a Political science graduate and achieved master’s degree in international relations from Ohio State University during 1970. His families were engaged in coal mining jobs, while he was enchanted by solving crimes facet, relatively murder. In 1973, Kenda joined police department of Colorado Springs.

husband of Mary Kathleen
husband of Mary Kathleen. Joe Kenda, Homicide Detective. Photo Credit: mens fitness

His tendency of unraveling human nature and detecting people, who are good at telling lies, resolved 387 homicide cases, over a 23-year career. Consequently, the cases worked out with a closure rate of 92 %.

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He worked in the C.S.P.D. homicide unit for over 19 years and eventually led the homicide department. He retired as a police detective in 1996. Kenda also worked as a bus operator for special needs school.

Joe Kenda’s famous Television Series Homicide Hunter

Denver television series editor, Patrick Bryant had once interviewed Kenda on local homicide case as a special episode. The interview left a memorable impression on Bryant that emerged a production concept on homicide television series.

So, he contacted Kenda to converse over developing TV series content around his homicide career. The discussions finally concluded in Homicide Hunter, television series.

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Since 2011 Joe Kenda is acknowledged as a notable TV personality. He has featured on Investigation Discovery television show, the Homicide hunter. The series was titled Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda, first aired in September 2011 on Investigation Discovery network, becoming a top viewer rating performer.

He recalls mystery cases and its unraveling tales of Homicide Hunter through the actor, Carl Marino, younger version of Kenda

 Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda and Carl Marino. Photo Credit: pin img

The show is relatively good on viewership count and has headed towards seven episodes so far. Similarly, it is earning fame across the USA.

Television works, besides Homicide Hunter

In 2017, he portrayed the role of Detective Joe in the movie Handsome; Netflix Mystery movie. The movie recounts the same story of Joe Kenda, who is casting off for retirement from detective but suddenly piles up with mystery cases.

Net worth of Joe Kenda

A retired Colorado Springs police detective and familiar TV personality of Homicide hunter, American documentary television series, Joe Kenda’s net worth around $600k. Similarly, his portrayal in retelling homicide cases in TV series has earned an enormous fan base in Social Media.