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Has Martin Lawrence Married Again? He Engaged With Roberta Moradfar Recently!

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Martin Lawrence is now ready to get married, not first or second time but the third time. He married for the first time in the year 1995 with Patric Southhall and enjoyed for two years. Secondly, he married Shamicka Gibbs in the year 2010, exactly after divorcing his first wife in 13 years. From his first and second wives, he has three daughters. But we are not talking about his past life now, as he has stepped up to marry for the third time. His girlfriend Roberta Moradfar is the one with whom he is hitching. Today in this column, we will be discussing about Martin Lawrence married life and his engagement with Roberta Moradfar.

Has Martin Lawrence Married Again?

We are sure Martin is not the married man yet, but he soon will be. Yes, he is marrying his girlfriend Roberta this year. The pair we mentioned was linked long time ago, and now Lawrence finally decided to ask her hand.

Martin Lawrence Yes

Guess the answer? It was big fat YES. We came to know this when Moradfar posted her happiness in her instagram account.

Martin Lawrence and Roberta Moradfar

Soon enough, the news fled through mass media and she began getting congratulations. She posted a video soon after that in her instagram.

The actor who played for the movie Bad Boy, has now became serious and bought one hell of a ring that we will be discussing now.

Martin Proposed Roberta with Custom Made Engagement Ring

Martin who seems not to be serious of all matters has now became serious about his relationship. As now he spent more time than in his works and more than he earns (well not quite) for his engagement ring, we find it very fascinating. As mentioned by TMZ, that ring is worth half a million.

Lawrence spent more than a month to the shop named Iconic Jewels Beverly Hills to design 5-karat ring. The rock in middle is one who diamond, and the round band is one karat extra.

Martin Lawrence Featuring Proposal

Here is the engagement ring’s closer look posted by Iconic Jewels in their instagram account.

That is the hell way of proposing a girl. We now just hope their marriage go real and they live the hitched life both longed for. Also, we would like to wish Martin’s this marriage to go beyond two years as his previous married life didn’t.

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