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Who is Marissa Bailey Husband? Know Her Married Life and Children!

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Marissa Bailey is not common name, as she is celebrity cum TV host of CBS 2 Network. She works as anchor for the show named Chicago Morning. Bailey started her career in the year 2012 March as reporting personnel, but was promoted in short period of time. She started her work as newscast since 2012 September. The one who got nominated for Emmy Awards once in 2011 has been successful to keep her personal information away from limelight. But, we have the information now. Today we will be discussing about Marissa Bailey husband and her married life.

Who is Marissa Bailey Husband?

If you do not know when she married, it’s in the year 2012. Marissa hooked up with someone close to her. She hitched Erik. All the information about when they started hooking, and their engagement is hidden. As Bailey is too secretive, information is one hard thing to find.

Marissa’s wedding ceremony was also not too big. The duo only invited their relatives and close friends.

Do Marissa and Erik Have Children?

The CBS 2 reporter does not have kids for now. Also, there is a rumour of the couple to be split soon enough. As this news came by, we researched through all wikis and what we found was something amazing. She is happy with the relationship she has with her husband Erik and there is no single chance of them to divorce soon enough.

If you are not believing what we are saying, her we have posted some of her Instagram pics which clearly mentions her love for her husband and care of her husband to her.

‘We are happy now as baby is on the way. The due date is in April, but we are irresistible now. We do not know whether it is boy or a girl, but we plead to get some parent advice.’

The picture posted above shows Marissa holding x-rayed or say scanned photo of her belly that shows her baby. By the end of April, she will be mother of a baby.

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