If love handles, age and fitness mantra exceed the bar, most of us would sigh over what we had missed over the years. But, this is not the case for Marcus Bondi. He is in his fifties with muscle flab to flaunt and abs to make any young guy jealous.

His diet plans, exercise protocols, and fitness doctrines had surpassed most of the healthy dilemma regarding age and excessive fats. So, would you like to note down what’s personal life of Marcus Bondi look like; who is he dating?

Know more about his past affairs and girlfriend.

Marcus Bondi Dating or Married?

Marcus Bondi’s jaw-dropping physique and toned muscles and abs instigate most of the women to drool over him despite his age. Well, who cares about age, if he is physically and mentally fit. Isn’t it?

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So, is Marcus Bondi dating? Let’s break the ice. Ladies, Marcus is a married man, not a bachelor trainer in bodyweight strength and calisthenics. Along with his wife Emma, he shares two daughters Jasmine and Willow and the couple is leading a cheerful married life.

Marcus is fitness freak, whose home saturated with exercise machines and gym inventories. He confronted that his wife Emma and daughters accompany Marcus along gym time.

“I love doing pull-ups, we always had a doorway pull up bar at home, and my wife & kids would also do their gym-things to keep me company. I could do pull-ups from about five years of age and just kept building from there; always adding and experimenting with different grip variations, reps ranges and rest times.”


Marcus’s videos may hint you the wrong idea. There are clips where women are hanging off of Marcus. But, he confessed that he is living contended life with wife Emma, and she is familiar with his works on fitness bar.

“Haha, one of those strong women is my wife; and sure, viewed in isolation, the clips of me doing pull-ups and chin with dozens of super fit girls may seem bizarre, but in context, it’s quite ‘logical’.”

When he is not training and advising people on fitness, balanced lifestyle, Marcus devotes time for wife Emma and daughters.

Global media Recognition and the Net worth

Marcus Bondi spent years of training at the popular North Bondi. He figured out own philosophies and techniques to work on the body.

Then, he applied the same formula to other people of different weight, shapes, and age. Marcus is known for four world records- Weighted Chin Ups, One-arm Chin Ups, 5 Metre Rope Climb and 25 Metre Rope Climb.

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With his rigorous body strength and personality, he shared fitness mantras on his own YouTube channel accompanied by Men’s Health (USA & Australia), Men’s Fitness Magazine Australia/USA, Daily Telegraph, Wentworth Courier, MX, Rock & Ice, Channel TEN Evening News, Hawaii Morning TV, Sunrise 7 TV Australia and so on.


So, how much is Marcus Bondi net worth? He is a renowned athlete, breaking four world records and inspiring people via diet supplements and body training.

But, Marcus net worth is not revealed in media. However, it is assumed that his net worth count on million figures.

Marcus Bondi Bio-Wiki; Age, Height, Weight And Early Life

Marcus Bondi is in the early fifties. As he earned recognition from Bondi beach, he thought of the name marcusbondi for YouTube channel. Subsequently, the name Marcus Bondi etched into his persona and he is now known for it around the world.

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Since his childhood days, Marcus was into fitness. His families were also fitness maniac like him. He followed the family trend and learned necessary fitness skills from father.


Similarly, he was enthusiast enough to run over the elevated surface and find branches for workout challenges. Also, he played ice hockey for 30 years. The fitness enthusiast also adores playing gymnastics, netball, swimming, and calisthenics with daughters.