Manuel Arturo Machado who is popular as Manny Machado is one of the prominent Dominican-American professional baseballers. He is the third baseman and shortstop of Major League Basketball (MLB)’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Los Angeles Lakers dominated headlines in NBA free agency by picking LeBron James and signing a four years contract. Now, during the MLB all-star break, the Dodgers completed a trade with Baltimore Orioles to acquire Manny Machado. Machado joined the Dodgers on Friday for his first appearances taking the field for the press conference and interviews.

Machado wore No. 13 with the Orioles which actually belongs to Max Munch. It’s possible for every player to negotiate the deal for the rights to the jersey number or switch.

You might be familiar with Manny Machado’s professional career, but how many of you know about his personal life? So, is Manny Machado married or dating someone?

Did Manny Machado Marry or is Still Single? Is He a Father of Any Children?

Sorry girls! Manny Machado no longer a single guy; he is in a happily married relationship. Machado married his wife, Yainee Alonso. Sources claim that the couple met through baseball connections in the family.

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Manny Machado’s wife Yainee Alonso was actually the younger sister of a close friend of him; Yonder Machado. Yonder is the one who brought them together at first but, it was the general Miami Sports Community that made their bond much stronger and closer.

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Alonso and Machado were reserved for each other at a very young age. Before Spring Training, in February 2013, Machado revealed that he and Alonso engaged; in fact, engaged for marriage. In an interview with Baltimore Sun, Machado revealed that his friend, Yonder was equally excited and happy as much as the couple was.

The couple engaged on 13 February 2013, when Machado was only twenty years old, and Yainee was 23. Yes, Yainee is three years older than Machado.

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After a year of engagement, Manny Machado married then-fiancée and now wife Yainee on December 6, 2014, in Paris. The pair actually married in a secretive wedding ceremony and has kept most of the details of their wedding away from the media. Only close friends and relatives got a chance to attend their special day.

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Though the couple did not make any headlines about their wedding ceremony. However, they revealed the good news through their social media like Instagram.

At the moment, it’s been over three years that Maddy Machado married Yainee. For now, he is living a happily married life without any rumors of separation or controversies or divorce issues. The couple is happily enjoying each other’s company.

The pair does not share any child till the date. Also, there are no any headlines or even rumors of Yainee Alonso’s pregnancy.

To know more about Maddy Machado’s married life, keep visiting us.

How much is Maddy Machado’s Net Worth? Know his Contracts and Earnings

For your information; Manny Machado started his professional career back in 2012 and is still active in the field with improved skills. Hence, he is earns a decent amount of money from his baseball career and all thanks to his good contracts.

Machado recently signed a contract in 2018, and the worth of the contract was $16 million. Before this in 2017, he signed a year deal with the team for $11.5 million.

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Calculating Manny Machado’s earnings and contracts income, he has received over $34 million. Though Maddy Machado’s net worth is not revealed till the date, sources claim that Maddy Machado’s net worth might be over $11 million.

For now, his $16 million worth contract will undoubtedly raise his net worth figures.

[Updated] According to sources, Manny Machado possesses an estimated net worth of $17 million as of 2019.