Born on 2nd January 1988, Mandy Harvey, Capricorn, is now one of the most appealed pop singer and songwriter. She was born normally in Cincinnati, Ohio, but became deaf when she turned nineteen. She had hearing problems before but lost her remaining hearing capacity completely.

Mandy graduated from Longmont High School in 2006 and joined Colorado State University for majoring in singing. But because of her deafness, she had to drop out. In 2017, she appeared in AGT, and now she became a finalist. Not just a singer, she is also an author. Let’s go through ‘Mandy Harvey Wiki’ to know her complete information as many of her fans are curious to know her married life with her husband her wiki and her net worth.

Mandy Harvey’s Married Life: Husband is Travis

Harvey is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Travis, who loves her more than any other person. We find it very exciting as she has got a partner who always supports her, even for stepping in the biggest reality show, ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Anyone can be surprised when an ordinary man, sharing a love and married life with an earless woman. But in the case of Mandy’s life, she’s got a hell of a loving man. And to most of the amazement, her husband is learning sign language. Here is the video uploaded by No Barriers USA:

Caption: Mandy Harvey husband talking about her and wishing her luck for AGT.

Here is yet another picture on her Instagram account, describing her husband with a caption:

‘My babes deep down the rabbit hole …intensive movie watching.’

Hope her married life goes well, as there are no divorce rumors till date.

Mandy Harvey’s Career in America’s Got Talent

Harvey landed on AGT’s audition hall in the year 2017. The episode 1202, aired on 6th of June, 2017, became her first step of a ladder in gaining mass popularity. In the audition, she sang her composed song named ‘Try.’ When Simon asked about the song, she replied:

‘After I lost my hearing, I gave up!  But I want to do more with my life; than just give up! So….(applause)’

Here is the full video of her audition:

Caption: Mandy Harvey audition at America Got Talent.

She also shared her audition’s photo on her Instagram account:

Now, she is already a finalist, and the result comes today (20th September, 2017.) It’s up to you to choose a winner.

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Mandy Harvey’s Net Worth

Harvey is not only a public figure but also a singer and a songwriter and of course, a drummer.

Before landing on AGT’s stage, she used to work as a singer in different places. Solely from singing, she has accumulated high revenue. But her real net worth is yet to be revealed.