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Who is Malese Jow Boyfriend? Who is She Dating With? Dating History Explained!

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It’s usual to see news and rumours of a celeb with greater influence over fans and social media. And for us, we all do is make it news and spread over. But, that’s not all; most of them do make fake news too. But all we can do is relay true information to you. Today, we would be relaying information about Malese Jow boyfriend and her dating history.

Who is Malese Jow Boyfriend?

Elizabeth Melise Jow, also known as Malese Jow is connected with most of TV actors and hosts. But, for now, after break up with co-actor Ian Somerhalder, Jow is single. But it does not mean she was not dating till date.

Malese Jow and Ian Somerhalder
Malese Jow and Ian Somerhalder

According to famous wiki sites like Wikipedia and Who Dates Who, Malese Jow is single for now. But also, it does not mean her not to get engaged with some affairs. We will be updating about her new boyfriend as soon as we get the news.

Dating History Explained: Who was She Dating With?

For a celebrity, it’s not new of their relationship leak to the media. However, it’s not so true in case of Malese. Also, her relationships till date are confusing. Here is the list of her boyfriend so far and dating history explained!

Kevin Jonas and Malese Jow [2006]

This duo’s news first came out as rumour in 2006. Kevin Jonas, best known as head of Jonas Brother was seen together with Jow most of the times. Also, this duo turned to be couple as both were not denying the rumour. In mid of April, 2006, they were frequently seen together in public places too. Although there is no fact or claim of their relationship, we included him on this list.

Carter Jenkins and Malese Jow [2009]

Carter and Malese first meeting was on Nickelodeon TV series Unfabulous but their official dating started while they were working for the movie Aliens in the Attic. However their relation did not last too long. In the same year, 2009, they broke up due to some unknown reason. It might be because of misunderstanding. Hell knows why! Still, they are good friends now.

Steven R. McQueen and Malese Jow [2010]

Steve is Vampire Diaries co-star with who Malese was rumoured to be together with. According to some wiki sites, they started their relationship in 2010, February. Their relationship too ended soon, three months after their commencement. They both denied the news though.

Ian Somerhalder and Malese Jow [2013]

As mentioned before, Ian Somerhalder is the last know boyfriend of Malese Jow. Well known as Vampire, and best known as ex-boyfriend of Nina Dobrev, the duo started affair in 2013, April. Like of her most of the relations, this also ended sooner. In short period of two months, they got separated.

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