Maggie Naouri has looks that kill, but her fans were shocked as her name came alongside a murder case. There was also another guy photographed together with her. Because she is so mysterious, people speculated them to be dating someone. Let’s know if this is true and how she made it to the headlines alongside how Maggie Naouri involved in Canberra murder case which is a real-life incident.

Maggie Naouri as a girl, who killed her boyfriend! Also, find out who her boyfriend is?

Gasps didn’t go unheard as Maggie Naouri made it to the headlines being related to Canberra murder case. For those of you who don’t know what the case is about, it’s a real murder case where the girlfriend puts a sedative in the boyfriend’s coffee and injects him with heroin causing the death of her boyfriend. This case was heard and written as a novel named Joe Cinque’s Consolation by Halen Garner. So how is Maggie Naouri related to this you ask? She is starring as the murderer girlfriend who kills her boyfriend as this book was turned into a movie.

Fans were left confused as they posed the same pose as the real-time couple of this murder story did. However, this pose and photograph were only for the movie they were making, and they were not the real couple of the case of the crime.

Jerome Meyer and Maggie Maouri

Caption: Jerome Meyer and Maggie Maouri as Joe Cinque and Anu Singh for the movie Joe Cinque’s Consolation

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They were recreating this photograph for the film:

Joe Cinque and Anu Singh

Caption: Original picture of Joe Cinque and Anu Singh in real life

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Talking about her role as Anu Singh, she says,

“I didn’t want to just play her as a stereotyped evil character; What I wanted to play her as a troubled human being. I wanted to play it as honestly as possible to try and … Gosh, it’s not to try to understand… to question how someone does something like this, what state of mind that they were in.”

Maggie Naouri has a bright career judging from her such good projects. But it looks like she is single in her real life. She must be very busy with her career to be dating someone which is why we only hear of her reel life boyfriend but never of her real-life boyfriend. We wish to get more updates on her love life soon!

Maggie Naouri wiki like bio

Maggie Naouri is from an Armenian/Jordanian background as suggested by her wiki. She graduated from a very prestigious school of drama called Neighbours school of acting. Maggie has gotten hold of good TV shows and movies. She has also appeared as nurse Rose Atkins on the hit Tv show Wentworth. Her fans adore her for this role and are thrilled whenever they get a chance to meet her.

Caption: One of her fans tweeting about how happy he was to meet Maggie Maouri in Melbourne domestic Airport in the year 2016.

Her other roles are included in the shows named Neighbours (1985), Joe Cinque’s Consolation (2016), and Wentworth Prison (2013). All her appearances are equally loved. She was nominated for AACTA award for Best Lead Actress judged by her role in the movie Joe Cinque’s Consolation.

Maggie Naouri is a very reserved person as she doesn’t have twitter or Instagram account. She does have a Facebook account through which is also very private, and one has to be her friend to see her profile.

Do hold onto us for further updates about her life!