The States actress who has dazzled millions of hearts’ with her notorious activities and charming beauty as Tess Hunter in the Nickelodeon series Hunter Street (2017) is MaeMae Renfrow.

Renfrow has collected a good number of followers and well-wishers for her with chin dimple photos uploaded on her social media sites and not to mention her fabulous acting skills in the movies and television series. So, you may wonder about her personal life? Who is her boyfriend? Does she have a boyfriend? If yes, then don’t worry about the issues you just need to scroll down and get the answers from the following sub-headings.

Who is MaeMae Renfrow?

MaeMae Renfrow began her career in the entertainment industry, with her appearance in the movie Sickhouse (2016) as Kristen. Furthermore, with her marvelous achievements in the series, she signed her first role in the television series as Matilda in Attaway Appeal (2017).

Renfrow showed her skills of acting with her first television series and film. So, various producers signed her in different series and movies which included Hunter Street (2017) as Tess Hunter, Bomb City (2017) as Jade and Elias Assistant in American Satan (2017).

MaeMae Renfrow’s Personal Life: Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The actress of Attaway Appeal, MaeMae Renfrow has not till yet found her partner in crime and her relationship status is possibly Single. Furthermore, the gorgeous gentlewoman likes to keep her personal life away from the limelight. However, she is busy with her work schedules and professions rather cozying up with any guys.

If we surf around her Instagram account, it is seen that she often posts her pictures with her onscreen partner, Stony Blydon from Hunter Street. However, to date, both celebrities have not opened their mouth regarding the issues.

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Renfrow loves to spend her leisure time with the company of her family members and colleagues. Furthermore, she involves her in outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, trekking, and other events. On April 23, 2018, she posted a photograph of her on the beach with a surfing boat on her Instagram account.

MaeMae Renfrow’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

The grace lady as Kristen in Sickhouse, MaeMae Renfrow has collected impressive figures on her saving accounts, with her breathtaking work in her profession; her estimated net worth is around $200 thousand.

Renfrow movies, American Satan has a lifetime gross of $237,708 whereas Sichhouse has a worldwide collection of $193,778. Additionally, she also landed her role as Jade in Bomb City whose worldwide gross is $59,329.

On March 12, 2017, MaeMae posted a photograph of Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo SNES), who costs $60.00. Moreover, with her charming photographs on her Instagram account, she has collected good numbers of followers on her account, 58.6k. Furthermore, her estimated earnings per advertisement posts on her Instagram accounts range from $243.75$406.25.

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In the States, the median salary provided to a television and film actress is $39.84 per hour. However, with her experience in the area and breathtaking performance, she definitely earns more than the average wages.

MaeMae Renfrow: Body Measurements

MaeMae Renfrow stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 53 kg. Additionally, she consists of chest 34 inches, waist 24 inches and hips 34 inches.

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Renfrow has brown hair with a pair of attractive light grey eyes. Similarly, she is also known for her clothing sense which perfectly match her charm and a pair of long legs.

Quick Facts of MaeMae Renfrow 

Where and when was MaeMae Renfrow born?

North Carolina, United States, 1997/04/21

What nationality does MaeMae Renfrow belong to?


What is  MaeMae Renfrow’s ethnicity?


What is MaeMae Renfrow’s eye color?

Light Grey

Which color of hair does MaeMae Renfrow have?


How tall is MaeMae Renfrow?

5 feet 5 inch

How old is MaeMae Renfrow?

22 years old