When one opportunity slams you enough, another one comes with open latches. Maddie Poppe, an aspiring singer, and songwriter who failed the blind audition in the ‘The Voice’ is slaying her unique voice on the platform of American Idol 2018. Even, Lionel Richie, the judge of American Idol praised Maddie Poppe’s storytelling aura in her musical strings. Besides the American Idol presence, don’t you want to know more about Maddie Poppe? Is the American Idol contestant Maddie Poppe dating?

Well, Maddie Poppe made the first entry in top ten of American Idol via a sizeable number of votes from American viewers. Her performance of the Bangles’ 1986 pop hit “Walk Like an Egyptian” garnered audiences feet on the tapping zones and also graced the judges smile. Get to know everything on Maddie Poppe dating affairs, boyfriend, a journey in American Idol, parents, ethnicity, and wiki-Bio

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Maddie Poppe dating

Is the girl with the guitar dating anyone else? It seems as if Maddie Poppe is dating own strands of guitar tunes and passion for writing songs. Similarly, Maddie Poppe social media is not exclusive on her dating vibes as well as boyfriend presence.


Caption; Maddie Poppe with the fourth place winner of The Voice

Perhaps Maddie Poppe is busting on own records and gather impressions in front of celebrity Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at American Idol. At the age of seventeen, she auditioned for The Voice, but the four chairs didn’t roll in. Two years later, her quirky voice and storytelling aura is grabbing the limelight of American Idol 2018.

Moreover, Maddie Poppe interviews focused on her pleasant journey from The Voice to American Idol 2018. It did not hint at either Maddie Poppe is dating or concealing her private affairs in front of the camera. Now, she had grumbled music passion in the premises of American Idol. Let the countdown begin.

Maddie Poppe Advances on American Idol

On March 11, Maddie Poppe accompanied on her guitar and sang “Rainbow Connection” from “The Muppet Movie.” It accumulated three yes form the celebrity judges and propelled her to next round in Hollywood. Maddie Poppe made her second appearance in American Idol with the cover of “Dreams” by Brandi Carlile during the show’s “Lines of 10.” And it propelled her on ‘Group Round’ where her dreamy presence highlighted the focus among the rest.


Caption; Maddie Poppe singing “Walk Like an Egyptian”

Her performance of the Bangles’ 1986 pop hit “Walk Like an Egyptian” advanced Poppe to be the first top ten contestants in the 16th season of the American Idol. Yes! Maddie Poppe is the first contestant to be named to the show’s top 10 finalists.

Maddie Poppe managed to gather enough votes so that she secured the top ten finalist position among other six contestants. Other four contestants are selected by the celebrity judges to make them among the top ten finalists.

Maddie Poppe in ‘The Voice’

In 2015, Maddie sang “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine in ‘The Voice.’ Unfortunately, none of the judges turned their chairs towards her.

“I was a terrible singer at that song — it was not good, I’m not making excuses, I just wasn’t ready.”

She was disappointed at the failure in the singing reality show. But now, she is glad to go through the trials which had helped her in American Idol platform.

“I’ve changed so much in three years that I’m glad it didn’t work out (on ‘The Voice’),”

Maddie Poppe struggles besides singing reality show

Maddie Poppe had the number of hassles in her singing career. Before she made it to an international level of fame, three labels rejected her. She expressed that she had failed hundred times and rose to what she had always dreamed of. Maddie Poppe hails from white ethnicity and American nationalism.

Hence, she is not awe of listening to people’s struggles. However, she finds the struggling stories of people inspiring. She owns album called “Songs from the Basement” which is a seven-song set available digitally on iTunes, Spotify and can be ordered in CD version on her website.

Maddie Poppe Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, Ethnicity and Early Life!

Maddie Poppe is twenty years old aspiring singer from Clarksville, Lowa. Her father exposed Maddie to the world of music as he is a musician himself. In the early ages, she grew up watching American Idol and learned to play guitar, ukulele, and keyboard.


Caption; The Family Picture of Maddie Poppe

With the radiant rosy skin, grey eyes and vibrating strings of the guitar, Maddie Poppe is indeed a beauty bombshell with potential talent. Her career in singing facet took the right turn as she performed a version of Dixie Chick’s Landslide accompanied by sister in the school event.