Who runs the world? Obviously, Girls and the Gays! The ever hard-working and inspiring, Lydia Polgreen can be taken as one the greatest examples for all the kids who want to pursue a career in journalism.

The editor in chief for the HuffPost who is also a role model for LGBTQ+ people in the United States is happily content with her personal life as she is with personal life. So, with no further ado, let’s get to know more about Lydia Polgreen.

Who Is Lydia Polgreen?

Lydia Polgreen is an American journalist known for her contribution to one of America’s biggest online-based news blog site, HuffPost where she currently serves as the current editor in chief. Before joining HuffPost in 2016, she previously worked for Washington (D.C.) Monthly, a Washington based newspaper company and The New York Times where she provided her journalism skills for nearly fifteen years since 2002.

Lydia Polgreen is an American news reporter.
Lydia Polgreen served at The New York Times for 15 years.

The many times Award-winning journalist is highly recognized for covering stories from South Africa and India. Beginning her career at The Washington (D.C.) Monthly where she served as the assistant editor and business manager, Lydia then went on to work for several news outlets.

Polgreen is, however, acknowledged for her efforts to make the New York Times reach out and expand its audience across Latin America. Besides, she also served at Florida and New York state as a news reporter and was chosen as the reporter for the New Delhi bureau, chief of the West Africa bureau and Deputy International Editor, the South Africa bureau chief.

What Is The Net Worth Of Lydia Polgreen?

The former New York Times journalist Lydia Polgreen bags a net worth of $2 million which she accumulated from her decades of a career as a journalist for top-notch news outlet company such as the New York Times, the HuffPost, and Washington (D.C.) Monthly.

According to Glassdoor, editor in chief at HuffPost makes a yearly income that ranges from $63,000-$143,000, whereas editorial director at New York Times makes a yearly income of $128,272, as per the same source. With no question, Polgreen reportedly makes her remuneration in the same range.

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Due to her hefty earnings, Polgreen is able to sponsor fancy and lavish holidays across the globe with her partner. Many vacation pictures of Polgreen and her partner can be found on her social media where she cherishes to show off her partner. But, who is her partner?

Lydia Polgreen; Personal Life. Is She Married? Is She Gay?

The early life of Polgreen includes studying at the St. John’s College where she graduated in the year 1997 prior to attending the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and her graduation in 2000. And, it was during her college days, when she discovered her true identity and came out as a lesbian woman.

Further moving towards her personal life, she is happily married to her wife, Candace Feit, someone with a totally different personality from the news reporter. But, we guess the opposite attracts. So, who is Fiet?

Unlike her wife, Polgreen, a news correspondent, Candace Fiet is a photographer who records documentary and can be regularly seen alongside Polgreen to support her at public events and ceremonies. Besides, Fiet is avidly tattoed over her shoulder and arms.

The couple resides in New York and also shares three dogs, a poodle, white retriever, and a labrador, as their pets. Both of the couples actively support LGBTQ+ rights and are very outspoken against the violence towards the innocent gay people and it’s community.

Body Measurements of Lydia Polgreen

The brown skin Lydia Polgreen stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches whilst her body weighs 85 kg. Besides, the short-haired brunette reporter has deep Brown eyes.

Lydia Polgreen; Quick Facts

When was Lydia Polgreen born?


What is the birthplace of Lydia Polgreen?

United States

What are the eye colors of Lydia Polgreen?


What is the zodiac sign of Lydia Polgreen?


What is the hair color of Lydia Polgreen?


How tall is Lydia Polgreen?

5 ft 6 inches

What is the weight of Lydia Polgreen?

85 kg

What is the nationality of Lydia Polgreen?


What is Lydia Polgreen known for?

HuffPost’s Editor-in-Chief

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