Not many people would know Lydia Gaulden at an instant, but there are high odds that you don’t know her daughter, Raven Symone. The American singer is successful in making a place in the heart of millions of fans globally with her soothing music and acting skills. 

The mother of two, Lydia Gaulden, is the woman behind Symone’s peak accomplishments today. If it weren’t for her support, maybe the world wouldn’t know who Raven Symone is today. So, today we bring you closer to the life of celebrity mother, Lydia Gaulden, and her lifestyle. 

Lydia Gaulden: Married and Mother of Two

The mother of renowned singer, Lydia Gaulden shares another vital relationship with yet another popular figure in the entertainment industry. Impressively, she is blissfully married to director cum producer, Christopher B. Pearman. Although he earned only one production and direction credit each to date, he is the part of many short movies like Reckless

The charming diva welcomed her first daughter, Raven Symone, on December 10, 1985. Well, even she was unaware of what her daughter was capable of and how proud she will make the family then. The elegant mother of Symone gave birth to another child, too, a son named Blaize Pearman.

Gaulden is Famous as Mother of Raven Symone

Lydia Gaulden might never have got so much fame if she didn’t give birth to the charismatic Dr. Dolittle actress and singer, Raven Symone. Well, her daughter, perhaps needs no introduction as she is well-known around the world as an actress, singer, songwriter, executive producer, and director. 

Gaulden raised her daughter quite rightly as fans loved her performances in The Cheetah Girls, For One Night, etc. Likewise, she experienced massive success in the music sector with top-rated albums like Raven Symone and Undeniable. Furthermore, fans also loved her in her live concert tour in 2008-09

YouTube: Lydia Gaulden’s celebrity daughter Raven-Symone in an interview.

Courtesy to a proper upbringing by mother, Lydia Gaulden, the 34-year-old, Raven is pretty successful today. Impressively, she portrayed Black Widow in her last TV show, The Masked Singer. Moreover, her next appearance in Season of The Bold Type will release in 2020. The actress will play the recurring role of Alice in the show. 

How Much is Lydia Gaulden’s Net Worth? 

The mother of Raven, Lydia Gaulden, lives a lavish lifestyle from her multi-millionaire daughter’s worth. Surprisingly, the American actress, Raven-Symone, owns a whopping net worth of $55 million as of 2019. The massive fortune figure is not a big deal for the singer since she earned about $35 thousand per episode from That’s So Raven gig. 

With such enormous wealth to her name, there is no doubt she spends it for the well-being of her beloved mom. 

Quick Facts: Lydia Gaulden

  • Gaulden began her daughter Symone’s career as a model at two by signing with New York Ford Models.
  • She also took her daughter to Bill Cosby‘s Ghost Da auditions at the age of 3.
  • The celebrity mom belongs to African-American ethnicity.
  • Her daughter, Raven Symone, and broke up her three-year relationship with actress AzMarie Livingston in 2015.
  • Surprisingly, her daughter supported Gary Johnson in the 2016 Presidential election.

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