‘Lightning Point’ star Lucy Fry is an Australian actress who has wowed audiences all episodes of ‘Lightning Point .’ She portrays the role of Zoey in Lightning Point and portrays the role of the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald in ‘11.22.63.’ Lucy Fry portrays the role of Tikka in the new upcoming film “Bright.” But how is the personal life of the actress, Lucy Fry? Has Lucy Fry married someone? Or, is Lucy Fry dating someone? If dating, who is Lucy Fry’s boyfriend? Let’s learn the facts on Lucy Fry’s dating life along with Lucy Fry’s wiki information like her age and net worth.

Lucy Fry Married; If Then, Who Is Lucy Fry’s Husband?

What do you think about Lucy Fry married life? Has Lucy Fry married already? If then who is Lucy Fry’s husband?

Well, Lucy has kept her relationship status extremely low key. She has not mentioned anything about her married life. But we know the fact, Lucy Fry is an unmarried woman. Yes, she has not married anyone and has no husband in her life.

Australian actress, Lucy Fry
Australian actress, Lucy Fry

Men who dream to win the heart of Lucy Fry and get married to her have a slight chance to be Lucy Fry’s husband. She has not bonded with a husband yet. But is the actress Lucy Fry planning to get married?

Lucy Fry has not announced anything about the plan on getting married to a partner. She must be looking for a perfect partner for getting married and turning him into her husband. As Lucy Fry is an unmarried girl, there is no chance of her having children with her husband. Many celebrities have children with their boyfriends. But actress Lucy Fry is not one of them. She has no any children from any of her boyfriends and has not been pregnant with a child yet. There are no any rumors of Lucy Fry being pregnant with a child.

Similarly, without even getting married to a husband, Lucy Fry’s divorce talk is out of the bound. For a divorce, she should get married first. So, Lucy Fry’s married life, Lucy Fry’s wife, Lucy Fry’s children, and Lucy Fry’s divorce is all the topic for future discussion.

Lucy Fry Dating; Who is Lucy Fry’s Boyfriend?

Lucy Fry is a gorgeous girl with stunning beauty. So many people speculate that she must be dating a boyfriend. So, is Lucy Fry dating a boyfriend? If then, who is Lucy Fry’s boyfriend?

Well, Lucy Fry has not disclosed her relationship status to the public. Several rumors were there about her dating affair in the past, but she never confirmed one of them as her boyfriend. But looking at her Instagram post, it seems like she is dating a boy at present. And the boy is her On-screen husband from ‘11.22.63,’ Daniel Webber.


Caption: Lucy Fry dating: Actress Lucy Fry is likely to be dating Thumper’s star, Daniel Webber.

So, is Daniel Webber Lucy Fry’s boyfriend for real? The couple has not made their dating affair public yet. But Lucy is very close to her possible-boyfriend, Daniel Webber. They are good friends for a long time but now are more likely closer than friends. Daniel often spends time with Lucy Fry’s family and spends time with Lucy regularly.


Caption: Lucy Fry boyfriend: Lucy Fry’s possible-boyfriend, Daniel Webber spending time with Lucy Fry’s family.

Since the pair has not confirmed their dating affair, without any concrete evidence, we can’t say that Daniel Webber is Lucy Fry’s boyfriend. They can just be close friends only. However, if Lucy Fry is dating Daniel Webber for real, then “Will Daniel Webber be Lucy Fry’s husband in future?” Well, fans would like to see them as husband and wife as they were in 11.22.63. Let’s see, who is the lucky guy to marry Lucy Fry in the future! Stay updated to know further more about Lucy Dry dating life!

Lucy Fry Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, Career, and Net worth!

Born in the year 1992 in Wooloowin, Queensland, Lucy Fry’s birthday is on the 13th of March. With the last birthday celebration, Lucy Fry’s age is 26.

Lucy Fry's childhood photo
Lucy Fry’s childhood photo

Lucy Fry’s height is 5 feet 9 inch. In meters, Lucy Fry’s height is 1.75 m. Lucy Fry’s nationality is Australian.

Lucy Fry’s parents are proud of their daughter. She has a sister, Sally Fry who is too close to her like her best friend.

She studied at Brisbane Girls Grammar School and was a runnerup in Girlfriend Magazine’s Model Search in 2007.

Lucy started her acting career in the film and TV industry at the age of 18 by appearing in the season 3 finale of H2O: Just Add Water. Lucy Fry has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows which include Vampire Academy, Mr. Church, The Darkness, Lightning Point, 11.22.63, Wolf Creek and much more. Her upcoming movie Bright will release in December 2017.

As an actress, Lucy Fry has earned quite a money. Her acting career has just started to rise and will rise more as she is a very talented actress. As of 2017, Lucy Fry’s net worth is around $3 million. As Lucy has a booming career in film industry, her net worth will rise eventually. So, stay updated to know Lucy Fry’s net worth in future!