The actress’ performance has been a major talking topic for the audiences. What they say or what they did? Always become a major issue. So many female celebrities want to hide her matter from the media.

Here we are talking about Lucy Fallon; a beautiful Coronation Street actress who has had many ups and downs in her personal life. Let’s know her private life; including if she is Married? or still Dating someone? Be with us!

Is Lucy Fallon Married? Or Still Dating?

Lucy Fallon, the gorgeous Coronation Street actress, at a young age, earns an enormous popularity. All of us know how famous the actress is; especially in her male fan followings. Today we are sharing her matter including her partner. Naturally, after knowing she engaged with someone, her male fans will be in a complete shock. Take a look at her private affairs.

The 22 years old actress Lucy has been dating Intranet manager insurance salesman Tom Leech; he is just 26 years old. She is very attached to her boyfriend, Leech. But they do not want to be revealed, how they met and how they started their relationship. Both are together since two years and regularly post their adorable moments on Instagram.

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Lucy celebrates her 23 birthday in 2019 with Coronation Street stars including Tom. The first time, she introduced her boyfriend; with whom she linked up over twenty months ago. She went out on a romantic trip to Paris with Tom. She told OK Magazine 

I cried when I opened Tom’s gift!He’s booked for us to go to Paris for Valentine’s Day.He did a build up to it so I had to open lots of little presents that were clues to where we were going.

Lucy admitted

The Paris trip is probably the most romantic thing he’s ever done, but he actually does a lot of romantic things. He’s always surprising me and buying flowers.

Now they have completed their 24-months relationship, and she wants to move in with him earlier this year. She’s confident that they’ll be together forever now.

Some time ago, she revealed that she wants to marry and baby with boyfriend Tom. They are interested in marrying and becoming a family. So both planning marries and has babies together. Although, she does not reveal the exact date when they married.

Lucy Fallon Buys a House with a new man! Is He Her Boyfriend?

On March 2017, Lucy Fallon revealed that she had purchased a home with her new boyfriend. After 8-months in relationship Lucy introduced her handsome lover Tom with her fans- and now they bought a house in Blackpool. At a young age, she bought a house; this is a huge achievement for her.

Know Lucy Fallon’s Ex-Boyfriend! Is She Responsible for Splitting?

Besides her career, Lucy Fallon had been less lucky in love. Four years ago, she left her parents with former boyfriend Ryan Roberts, and they moved onto a flat in Blackpool. But after three years, Ryan and Lucy reportedly called an end to their relationship because of the young stars filming schedule. Due to their schedules, they were busy with their work and couldn’t give time to each other.

After the split, Ryan Roberts claims that she was responsible for the breakdown of their three-year relationship. He said  that

She changed as soon as she joined Corrie. The Lucy I knew and loved would never have acted like this.She was the love of my life and we were building a future together. I was convinced that one day we would get married. But after she joined Corrie she became arrogant and lied so many times, it really hurt.

He also stated that he is fair when Lucy dumped him, she had already got together with his friend Tom Leech. But Lucy always denies ever cheating on Ryan; she started seeing Tom only after she and Ryan split. The interesting matter is that, after breaking with her longtime sweetheart Ryan, Lucy moved on with a new guy, Tom just after three weeks.

Lucy Fallon: Shot Bio Along with Net Worth

The British actress Lucy Fallon was born on 13 November 1995, Blackpool, England. For the first time, in 2015 it was announced that Fallon was cast as fourteen-year-old Bethany Platt in Coronation Street. Her character in this show earned her selection for Best Newcomer at 2015 Inside Soap grants. Just two years ago, she started her acting career, but she makes a huge fan following on social networking sites.

Just two years ago, she began her acting career, but she earns a huge fan following on social networking sites. We are unable to find personal detail like body measurements, height as well but we can say she has an elegant body structure and beautiful face, Her dressing sense is much better. Her estimated Net Worth is around $200k but, in a 2-year filming career, she was able to buy a house. So we can say that she earn a name as well as fame in the TV industry.