Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger is widely famous as the son of Mick Jagger and Luciana Gimenez. Bron as renowned celebrities kid he is an apple of eye for everyone.

Now, the little boy, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger is now rejoicing his teenage. A lot of girls wants to date him and become his beloved one. Well is he dating any special girl? Is yes then, who is his girlfriend? Let’s find out his all personal details along with net worth and more

Is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger Dating Anyone?

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger is currently single. Neither he is married to anyone nor dating a girl at a moment. Actually, Jagger might be searching for his perfect match.

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

On top of that, Lucas parents are very protective of his personal details. They tend to shield his all private life. As a matter of fact, he never broke any rumors and scandals to this moment.

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To tell the truth, Lucas causally cherishes his teenage life and highly focused on education. However, who knows if he is in secret dating affairs.

Now, the little boy got his private Instagram account where he frequently uploaded his daily activities. He often snapped a picture with a female friend. But haven’t introduced anyone as a girlfriend.

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Scrolling Jagger social sites, he is fond of traveling, attending parties and performing adventurous activities. Furthermore, he loves singing and Brazilian soccer team.

What Is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger Net Worth?

As of 2019, the estimated net worth of Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger is $ 200K. He inherited an impressive fortune from his family members. He is yet to follow his dreams and pursued his career.

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger with His Mom Luciana Gimenez,

Source: Metro 

As Jagger is raised in the entertainment industry, hence he posses an aspiring career in Hollywood. His promising future will surely heighten his bucks in near future.

Besides this, he is active in social sites which acts as a passive income source. Hence, through his Instagram sponsorship and endorsement, he adds revenue between $816.75 and $1,361.25.

YouTube: Check Out The Video Of Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger Singing The Song

Moving towards his parent net worth, his mother, Luciana Gimenez holds a net worth of $50 million, as of 2019. Nevertheless, his father posses net worth of $360 million.

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As of now, he is living a lavish lifestyle by rejoicing his parent’s net worth. He resides in a mansion and travels in inexpensive cars that his parents own. Besides this, he prefers a luxury clothing line of  Zadig&Voltaire and Cecilia Bonstrom. 

Quick Facts About Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

Who are Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger siblings?

 Jade Jagger, James Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Elizabeth Jagger, Karis Jagger

Who are Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger grandparents?

Vera Gimenez, Basil Fanshawe Jagger, Joao Morad, Eva Ensley Mary Scutts

Who are Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger uncles?

Marco Antonio Gimenez and Chris Jagger

What is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger Zodiac sign?


What is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger nationality?

Brazilian, American, British 

What is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger ethnicity?


What is Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger age?

19 years