One of the best American authors cum TV personalities who gain more than just fame through his career is Lou Dobbs. He is known to the world from the show of his name, ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight.’ His class and style of working made him better than anyone else.

For the man like this, people want to know his earnings and properties as well. Today, we will be discussing Lou Dobbs net worth in this column along with his properties, real estates and more!

Lou Dobbs Net Worth: Salary and Real Estates

As I said earlier, Lou is a multi-career persona. In his lifetime, he worked as author, TV host, radio host and way more which indicates his net worth to be higher than any other celebrities around. But, as we thought of is not of his estimated net worth. Lou Dobbs’ estimated net worth is $16 million.

Lou Dobbs Salary

Talking about his annual salary, he made the salary of $6 million for the CNN network. As per some wiki and reference sites, there was a record that he got more than $8 million from CNN network when he retired in 2010.\

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All his net worth as shown might not be true or may be true if this net worth is solely from his career as a TV personality. The one, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, is also active in political sectors.

Lou Dobbs as a Donald Supporter
Lou Dobbs as a Donald Supporter

Picture Credit: Mediaite

He worked in several networks from where he surely collected an amazing salary.

Lou Dobbs Owns 300 Acre Farm

In Sussex, NJ, Lou owns horse farm of which the real area is 300 acre. This farm includes one white mansion and a swimming pool. As per the records kept, Lou bought this property especially for training his daughter Hillary. Hillary is a horse rider who have won three championships in a row.

Lou Dobbs Owns Mansion in Florida

Lou Dobbs own Mansion in Florida
Lou Dobbs own Mansion in Florida

Another property in his name is in West Palm Beach located in Florida. He is currently living in this beautiful mansion. There is no real picture of his house as he has kept it a secret. But, we found the link through which you can see the actual picture of his house.

Lou Dobbs Married Life

Lou Dobbs with his wife

Lou Dobbs with his wife

Photo Credit: Denverpost

If you think he is successful in his personal life as he is in professional life, it might be half true only. He married for the first time in the year 1969 with Kathy Wheeler. But the duo was not able to be together forever and divorced in 1981. We do not know information about their children in their 12 years of married life.

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In the year 1981, exactly after a year of divorce, he married Debi Segura. It is already 35 years past, and still, he is living blissfully with his wife.

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Moreover, the famous journalist has four children, two daughters, and two sons. His daughters are Hillary Dobbs and Buffie Dobbs. Similarly, his sons are Chance Dobbs and Jason Dobbs.