Do you know who is Lizzy Wurst? Lizzy Wurst is the social media blessed celebrity in the making who has earned almost a million subscribers on YouTube and millions of increasing followers on Instagram and Facebook. And, what is Lizzy Wurst age? She has not even reached the age of 20. Today we will dig all about Lizzy Wurst.

The social media platforms of YouTube and Instagram have not only given her popularity, but Lizzy Wurst has also been able to earn a yearly income of $75, 000.

Is Lizzy Wurst Dating Anyone? All About The Lizzy Wurst’s engagement rumors?

In her young age of 19 years, Lizzy Wurst also must have flooding dating invitation. However, who is she recently engaged with? Does she follow someone special out of her millions of followers?

In the following Lizzy Wurst wiki-bio, we will let you know also about the dating affair between the popular YouTuber Lizzy Wurst and her boyfriend Lance Stewart along with her recent breast surgery details. Go through the article to know about Lizzy Wurst Dating and her engagement rumors.

Lizzy Wurst and Her Boyfriend Lance Stewart Dating

Lance Stewart was her high school friend and continued to be her fellow You tuber. It was Lizzy who knocked on the door of Lance Stewart’s heart by sending a simple SMS that said, “Hey you are really cute.” Lance couldn’t help making her his girlfriend and the relationship formally evolved to boyfriend and girlfriend since May 2013.

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Lizzy Wurst, however, is in a dating relationship with another guy and not Lance Stewart. She is the girlfriend of James Astacio. He is from South Jersey and is a certified personal trainer and boxing instructor.

There are not many photos of the couple together other than this one! So, does this mean, this post was the first? Indeed, this is the first time the duo posted about their love life in socials. Congrats to them!

Lizzy Wurst Wiki Bio: All About Lizzy Wurst Age To Instagram

The Lance Stewart girlfriend Lizzy Wurst was born on July 22, 1998, in the United States. She is at the age of 18. She had started earning social media popularity through Vine videos.

All about YouTube Queen Lizzy Wurst. She has a younger brother who also appeared in her Vine videos. She has 1.6 m followers on Instagram, 1.1 m subscribers in YouTube, 442k fans in Facebook, and 258k followers in Tweeter as of her social media accounts in November 2017.

Lizzy Wurst consistently keeps her updated on her social media accounts and is able to hold and increase her fans. We see her new videos on YouTube once a week and they garner her with 120k views per day. Her YouTube channel has already become a strong basis of her net worth.

Lizzy is fond of traveling and outing. She is found outing with her boyfriend Lance Stewart. Dubai, Disney, and Hawaii are her favorite travel destinations among others. Sabrina is her favorite name and she is afraid of bees.

Lizzy Wurst’s YouTube Videos

Want to know more about you tuber Lizzy Wurst? Lizzy Wurst’s YouTube videos are both informational and entertaining. Her major uploads include the challenge videos and personal events. She also collaborates with her fellow YouTubers Lance Stewart, her boyfriend, Big Nik, and Sabrina for a variety of taste in her videos.

Her YouTube channel started in 2016 and now has 1.1 M subscribers. Her weekly videos average around 120k views per day and thus garner her with $200 per day from ads. Thus Lizzy Wurst is able to accumulate $75,000 per year only from YouTube. Her most popular video on YouTube is the Pepper Challenge:

Caption: Wow… Is this All about Lizzy Wurst? What about Lizzy Wurst Breast Surgery?

It is through her YouTube Video that her followers were surprised about her breast surgery.

Lizzy Wurst Breast Surgery

Lizzy used to consider her breast size to be her weakness. She was worried they were shrinking. In August 2017, Lizzy Wurst had revealed that she was going to have a breast surgery with Dr. Sheila Nazarian who had also helped Lizzy previously in her facial beauty treatments. Her boyfriend Lance Stewart also uploaded a video on September 19, 2017, in YouTube entitled “She had to get surgery..”

Caption: What you say about Lizzy Wurst breast surgery? Let’s see all about Lizzy Wurst breast surgery. 

Lizzy Wurst Net Worth

What about Lizzy Wurst net worth? Do you know Lizzy Wurst net worth? With her growing number of followers, subscribers, and viewers on YouTube, Lizzy Wurst has been able to accumulate $40000 at her small age of 18 as of 2017 and it is very likely to grow in the nearest future. The subscriber rate is high and her videos are a type of teenage choices – challengers and hilarious. The plus point of the viewers of her YouTube channel is that she is followed from worldwide and that is one important criterion for the monetizing view range on YouTube. To have a more monetary value of the YouTube videos, you should have viewers from different devices and locations including the number and engagement of ads.