A year-long worldwide search has finally been completed. Mulan has been found after visiting five continents. Chinese actress Liu Yifei who is famous as Crystal Liu will star as the lead, a female warrior in Disney’s live-action reboot of the classic Chinese tale, “Mulan.”

Besides her upcoming role in Disney’s Mulan, how is the love life of the Chinese actress? Is Liu Yifei dating a boyfriend? Who is Liu Yifei’s boyfriend? Explore the love life of a beautiful actress along with the details of how she got the lead role in Mulan. Exclusive information on Liu Yifei wiki and Liu Yifei’s net worth as well!

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Finds Its Star, Actress Liu Yifei

The director of Disney’s live-action which is an adaptation of the classic Chinese tale, “Mulan” is Niki Caro. Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Jason Reed are the ones responsible for producing the film. After a year-long worldwide search, they cast Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the lead role.

Chinese actress Liu Yifei will play the role of Hua Mulan in Disney's Mulan
Chinese actress Liu Yifei will play the role of Hua Mulan in Disney’s Mulan

Nearly 1,000 candidates auditioned for the role while visiting five continents. The ability to speak English, star quality, and credible martial arts skills were the requirements set by the team of casting directors. The studio had focused on finding an ethnically Chinese young woman for the role of Hua Mulan. In the 5th century China, Hua Mulan disguised herself as a man so that she could take her father’s army conscription.

However, the search ended when the casting directors found the complete package in Liu Yifei. It has been announced that Liu Yifei will cast in the lead role of Hua Mulan in Disney’s ‘Mulan.’

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Who is Liu Yifei? Know Liu Yifei Career in Film Industry!

Liu Yifei is a Chinese actress, singer, and model. She is known as ‘Crystal Liu’ and also as ‘Fairy sister’ because of her pure and innocent looks and image. Liu is one of the country’s most famous actresses since the mid-2000s. Regarding her beauty, Liu was named as one of the New Four Dan Actresses in 2009 in China.

Liu started her acting career at the age of 15. She made her first TV debut in The Story of a Noble Family in 2003. She received positive responses from her first debut, and the series received the highest ratings on CCTV. Since then, Liu has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows which include A Chinese Fairy Tale, The Assassins, Night Peacock, The Third Way of Love, Never Gone, and much more.

Youtube: Liu Yifei in the movie, The Chinese Widow

Liu Yifei acted in English in The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside Jet Li and Jackie Chan. She also acted in 2014’s Outcast, opposite Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage. In 2017, Liu starred in The Chinese Widow opposite Emile Hirsch. The Chinese Widow opened the Shanghai International Film Festival in June.

Her new movie “Mulan” will be released in the year 2019. Liu Yifei career has still a long way to pursue to achieve the most significant height of success.

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Liu Yifei Dating Life; Who is Liu Yifei’s Boyfriend?

Liu Yifei is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. So, many people assume that she can’t be single. The people who are unaware of her dating life, speculate that Liu Yifei must be dating a boyfriend. So, is Liu Yifei dating someone? If then who is Liu Yifei boyfriend? Let’s know the fact:

Well, Liu Yifei has a boyfriend in her life. She is dating a South-Korean actor Song Seung Heon. Yes, you heard it right! Song Seung Heon is Liu Yifie’s boyfriend. The couple met on the set of the movie “Third Love” and fell for each other shortly after. They made their relationship or dating affair public in August 2015.

Actress Liu Yifei is dating a South-Korean actor, Song Seung Heon
Actress Liu Yifei is dating a South-Korean actor, Song Seung Heon

Liu has been dating her boyfriend for two years, and they are still together. They seem too close to each other and often spend time together. They have attended several events together and communicated in English. There is no language barrier in their relationships.

Since their relationships, breakup rumors have always wrapped around them. A Chinese media outlet reported on 25th May that Liu and Seung have split. As per the report, they had become awkward with each other and had split after the Korean cultural content ban. The report also mentioned that Korean netizens were against Seung dating Liu, so Seung ended the relationship and had broken up with Liu to bring back the fans.

However, after two days on May 27, a source from Song Seung Heon’s agency said:

The reports by Chinese reports that Song Seung Heon broke up with Liu Yi Fei are untrue. They are still happily dating. This isn’t the first time they were wrapped up in breakup rumors. In particular, the reports that the breakup was due to the Chinese ban on Korean cultural content is simply wrong

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Liu Yifei Married; Is Actress Liu Yifei Pregnant with a child?

Has actress Liu Yifei married her boyfriend, Song Seung Heon? Is Liu Yifei pregnant with a child?

People often gush about these questions. However, talking about Liu Yifei’s married life, she is an unmarried woman. She has no husband in her life. As Song Seung Heon is Liu Yifei’s boyfriend, will he be Liu Yifei’s husband in the future?

American-Chinese actress, Liu Yifei
American-Chinese actress, Liu Yifei. 

Liu Yifei has not talked about her plan on getting married yet nor has disclosed who will be her husband yet. But Song Seung Heon is the possible candidate to become Liu Yifei’s husband. However, Song Seung Heon has expressed his wishes to get married on 31st January during the show ‘One Night of TV Entertainment.’ He said:

My dream is to create a happy family. I might get criticized for saying this but I wish to be a fantastic father rather than a fantastic actor. I get envious when my friends bring along their wife or kids while I go by myself when we have get-togethers.

Will Liu Yifei marry her now-boyfriend, Song Seung Heon? What do you think? Please let us know your thought in the comment section.

Since the relationship, people have always speculated about when the couple will get married and also about Liu Yifei’s pregnancy in April this year. So, was Liu Yifei pregnant with a child?

The Korean show “I Heard A Rumor Show” brought up the pregnancy talk in April pointing out to Liu Yifei’s weight gain.

 "I Heard A Rumor Show" brought up Liu Yifei's pregnancy talk with her weight gain picture as evidence
“I Heard A Rumor Show” brought up Liu Yifei’s pregnancy talk with her weight gain picture as evidence

Li Yifei didn’t talk about her pregnancy rumors, but she did deny the pregnancy rumors by wearing high heels in a tight-fitting dress and also drinking champagne at an event on 12th April.

However, Liu Yifei will marry someone in the future and get pregnant as well. So, Liu Yifei married life, Liu Yifei husband, Liu Yifei pregnant, Liu Yifei children, and Liu Yifei divorce are all future talks for now! We will update you on everything once she marries on Liu Yifei married life along with Liu Yifei divorce talk if happens in future!

Now, let’s learn some of the Liu Yifei wiki facts along with Liu Yifei net worth!

Liu Yifei and her lover Song Seung-Hun were in a romantic relationship for two long years since 2015 but it has come to an end. The duo first met each other when they worked together for a movie, The Third Way of Love in 2013. In January 2018, the news about their breakup surfaced. But, why did they break up? The real reason for their break up seems to be busy schedules.

Liu Yifei Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, and Liu Yifei Net worth!

Born in the year 1987 in Wuhan, Hubei, Liu Yifei’s birthday is on the 25th of August. With the last birthday celebration, Liu Yifei’s age is 31. Her birth name is An Feng, and her legal name is Liu Ximeizi.

liu Yifei as a Child
liu Yifei as a Child. 

Liu Yifei is an only child of parents An Shaokang and Liu Xiaoli. Her parents divorced when her age was only 10, and she was raised by her mother solely. Liu moved to New York City with her mother at the age of 11. She returned to China to pursue an acting career in 2002.

At the age of 15, Liu was accepted into the Beijing Film Academy where she graduated in 2006. In 2005, Liu signed with Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

As an actress, model, and singer, Liu Yifei net worth is remarkable. As of 2019, Liu Yifei net worth is around $10 million. She has more upcoming projects in films and TV shows. So, Liu Yifei net worth will drastically change over the year. If you are a regular follower of her, then stay updated, we will update you on Liu Yifei’s net worth very soon!

We will also update you more on Liu Yifei’s wiki information later on along with Liu Yifei’s net worth!!!

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