Behind every successful man is a woman who continually supports him throughout all the ups and downs. The case is no different from Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons, who is better known as the wife of the former member of Texas House of Representatives, Ron Simmons. She plays a big part in her beau’s success over his career, be it getting elected as republican or winning a third-two-year term in the 2016 general election. So, today we take you close to the net worth, married life, and children of the celebrity wife, Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons.

Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons: Wife of Ron Simmons

Call it an advantage or disadvantage, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, there is a high chance that you become one. The same happened with the celebrity wife, Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons. There was no way that the investment advisor’s wife would be as famous as she is now if it weren’t for her high-profile wedding. While it is a known fact that she is married to the Republican member, there is no clue when they tied the knot or how they first met.

Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons in a red dress poses a picture with husband.
Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons owns a staggering net worth of $200,000. Source: Facebook

As the wife of the Texas House of Representatives’ former member, Lisa had a lot of responsibilities in her hands. The love birds gave birth to three adorable children, including the dashing podcast host cum speaker, Allie Beth Stuckey. Their other children were Justin and Daniel. In fact, their daughter is a Christian commentator on Blaze TV’s hit podcast, Relatable.

Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons in a white dress poses a picture with her husband Ron Simmons.
Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons is a mother of three children. Source: Facebook

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While Simmons’ husband remains busy with work most of the time, it was the diva who handled the house and raised their children. She held her partner’s back together throughout all the rough times, including the time when he lost his bid for the first term in the general election on November 6, 2018.

Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons’ Staggering Net Worth

When it comes to finances and income, Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons has absolutely nothing to worry about. Most of its credits go to her popular husband, Ron Simmons, who is an investment advisor from Carrollton, Texas. Specifically, she owns an estimated net worth of around $200,000 as of August 2020. With such a six-figured bank balance, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle around all sorts of modern-day amenities.

Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons's husband Ron Simmons poses a picture.
Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons’s husband owns a staggering net worth of $1 million. Source: Facebook

While Lisa herself amasses a six-figured net worth, her husband Ron Simmons is a millionaire. He gathers a staggering net worth of $1 million as of 2020. In fact, her beau garnered massive wealth when he served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from January 2013 to January 2019.

Quick Facts: Lisa Diane Dickson Simmons

  • Her husband, Ron completed his graduation from Southern Arkansas University and Dallas Baptist University.
  • Lisa Diane never revealed anything about her background or family to the media.
  • She doesn’t use any social media platforms.
  • Simmons is the active member at Prestonwood Baptist Chuch in Piano.
  • Her beau is a supporter of the Liberty Institute.

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