The Football reporter Lindsay McCormick fell in love with who she talked about. Of course, with a football player. Guess, who he is. He is none other than Mark Sanchez. Hold on for a while because we are going to surprise you. The love affair was not in reality. It was only in rumors!

In addition to the falsified rumors of Lindsay McCormick dating and love affair with Mark Sanchez, what other relationship status remains behind the curtain? Has the blonde beauty married secretly and is living with her husband? Or, is she in a relationship with her boyfriend?

You need to hang on with this article to know in detail about the relationship rumors on Lindsay McCormick husband, married life, as well as her age and height in this little Lindsay McCormick wiki.

Is Lindsay McCormick Married Or Single? Quick Facts On Lindsay McCormick Dating

Lindsay McCormick is a dream girl for many who are familiar with NFL and the ESPN football news coverage. The NBC’s favorite show Sunday Night Football shines with Lindsay McCormick’ beauty. Right now, who is blessed with her beauty?

Are Lindsay McCormick and Mark Sanchez Engaged?

Lindsay was rumored to be Mark Sanchez’ girlfriend. Media outlets and the fans and followers scratched their head to reach the reality. However, the parties ultimately revealed the truth. Also, Lindsay McCormick stated that all the rumors behind her dating Mark were false. As she said:

I have known Mark for a number of months , and he is an acquaintance/friend, and anything reported as more than that would be false. Not to mention, I would never hear the end of the smack talk from my dad, who is a diehard Texans fan. … So, as an avid sports fan, let’s allow Mark to place the focus where it should be – on the Green Bay defense.

Caption: Lindsay McCormick boyfriend is not Mark Sanchez. Then, who is her boyfriend?

On the other hand, Mark Sanchez is equally successful off the field in dating his supermodel girlfriends. Lindsay McCormick was not the only name associated with him. There are many other names engaged with Mark. Jennifer Mueller, Ariana Madix, Hilary Rhoda, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are only a few. It seems like Lindsay McCormick got the connection in the same natural way.

While Lindsay denied any connection with Mark, the latter also wanted to speak on the matter. He did not reveal who his recent girlfriend was. However, he rejected the idea of getting married soon. He told the sources that he is just “so busy” and dating a girlfriend “takes time.”

My serious girlfriend is the Jets, and I’m not really looking for a mistress.

Who Is Lindsay McCormick Boyfriend Now?

Lindsay-Sanchez relationship rumor is over. Does it mean Lindsay has no interests in dating? Who is her boyfriend now? How does she view dating and being in a relationship? In an interview, she opined the guys are fascinated by her knowledge of sports.

They love it at first. Then, after a while, they realize I really, really like sports. One guy I dated wanted me to set his fantasy football roster.

In another reply to the question whether she would cancel a date if a big game were on, she said:

No, but I’d change the place to a restaurant that was showing the game.

Let’s hope Lindsay McCormick dating detail soon reveals who her boyfriend is. Her fans and followers are eagerly looking forward to extending their good wishes. May the day was not too far!

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Lindsay McCormick Wiki Bio

My mom told me I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard. That has stayed with me.

Lindsay McCormick’s mother’s advice is the best she has ever received in her life. How does she make her way through the sports journalism? Our Lindsay McCormick wiki bio sheds light on that side.

Lindsay McCormick was born on March 11, 1987, in Houston, Texas and makes her age 31 this year. She completed her school education at Houston Christian High School. She graduated from Auburn University with Mass Communications and Public Relations majors. Lindsay completed the degree in 2009.

Her news reporting and sports journalism interest got a platform while she was at Auburn. Upon graduation, she started her career as a production assistant. Her initial career hunts include hosting at several programs on

Viewers appreciated her talent in sports journalism and football commentary delivered through Sunday Night Football in the NFL. Lindsay McCormick has worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN’s The Basketball Tournament as well.

Caption: Sports journalist Lindsay McCormick talent summary: Who is the lucky boyfriend of this talented blonde beauty?

Lindsay McCormick wiki bio is incomplete unless it includes her mother’s best advice. Lindsay credits her mother’s inspirational words in her regular Instagram posts which are quite motivational to many.

Caption: Lindsay McCormick appreciates her mother for her inspiring words

Moreover, the blonde beauty is intellectually and emotionally beautiful. Anyone who visits her Instagram account engages with everything: her sports reporting, her favorite sports personalities, her support for fellow women, and fitness tips among many.

Caption: Lindsay can befit you with her fitness tips!

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