Ever since the foul-mouthed child rapper, Lil Tay rose to fame, many have questioned who and where are her parents? Some are curious to know about her parents while others are furious for letting their child choose the wrong way in the age of learning discipline. But the fact is Lil Tay has garnered unlimited attention and fame along with her parents. Today, we’ll be providing you with information related to Angela Tian, the mother of Lil Tay.

So, who is Angela Tian’s husband? Are you eager to know about Angela Tian’s bio and her wiki facts? Without wasting a single second, let’s jump onto Lil Tay’s mother, Angela Tian’s wiki, married, husband, Instagram, age, and bio.

Who is Angela Tian? Her Short Bio

Angela Tian is the mother of Lil Tay who gained distinction after foul mouthing and using dirty words like F and N. Her first video was ‘LIL TAY RESPONDS TO RICEGUM (Sister Bully),’ and her official career as a singer began in April 2018, from her debut single ‘Money Way.’

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Tian is expected to be the one who films Lil videos but has never been part of them. As she has zero social media presence, so it’s hard to know more about Angela Tian. The only thing that we know about her is that Angela works in west Canadian real estate in suburban Vancouver.

It is reported that when she is not filming her daughter throwing money and shriek the n-word, Angela sells detached homes in quiet residential streets next to parks and golf courses.

Many accused Angela of being an irresponsible mother who lets her child make profanity-laden videos. But it seems Lil’s mother, Angela Tian is just allowing her child to live her own dreams as Lil Tay often mentions making her mother proud on her videos.

Angela Tian’s Marriage, Husband, and Divorce

Angela Tian has kept her love life and herself away from media attention. As the fact of her being Lil Tay’ mother, we can assume that she might have been married before. However, any information about her marriage and husband is not accessible.

Lil herself often mentions her mother Angela Tian, but she has never mentioned her father, i.e., Angela Tian’s husband or partner.

Angela Tian's daughter, Lil Tay.
Angela Tian’s daughter, Lil Tay.

Are Lil Tay’s parents divorced? As of now, there is no proper information about such divorce and marriage at first place, so couldn’t say anything about that. If Angela Tian has divorced her husband, we can say that she is looking after Lil Tay as a single mother.

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Angela Tian’s Net worth

Delving Angela Tian’s net worth, as being a real estate agent, she might have garnered a steady income and property form her career. However, the actual figure of Angela Tian Net’s Worth is not available.

For now, Angela Tian’s net worth is under review. Nevertheless, her daughter, Lil Tay ‘snet worth is expected to be in millions within the short span of time.


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After all, the nine-years-old Lil Tay claims to own five houses, numerous luxury cars and a $6,000 Gucci lint roller. Lil Tay is also seen taking selfies with luxurious BBT cars, branded clothes, and shining jewelry.

Now, let’s explore Angela Tian wiki facts.

Angela Tian’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Height, Family

As per her wiki facts, Angela Tian might be in her early thirties. However, the actual date of her birth and parents are not available. Angela is believed to be of Canadian nationality and mixed Filipino ethnicity.

Due to her zero social media presence, it’s hard to know more about Angela Tian’s family, early life, and educational background.

Angela Tian isn’t active on any social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.