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Korean Comedian Ji Suk-jin Married Life with Ryu Su-jung: No Problems, No Regrets!

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Among various comedians all around the world, Ji Suk-jin of South Korea seems to be the most successful person in both personal and professional life. The man who became famous from show named ‘Running Man,’ Ji has been able to position himself in people’s mind as TV host as well as broadcaster. Born in Gangwon, Ji, 50; is a married man who loves both his wife and his career. Today we shall discuss about Ji-Suk-jin’s married life with his wife Ryu Su-jung and also about his son Jee Hyun-Woo.

Ji Suk-jin Married Life with Ryu Su-jung

If you do not know about his dating life, we have one interesting thing for you; it’s about his proposal to Ryu. Yoo Jae Suk, one of Ji’s friends introduced him to Ryu in one public event. When they met, both of them fell for each other like love at first sight.

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After being in love life for around two years, the duo happily tied knot. As we mentioned in title above, there is no problems and no regrets in couple’s life till now. Both are living happily in mutual understanding. In the year 2006, Ji mentioned about his wife to be shy. Moreover, he also proudly stated that his wife turned down offers from celebrities as well.

Ji Suk-jin and Ryu Su-jung’s Child: Jee Hyun-Woo

Ji Suk-Jin with Child

This loving couple is blessed with cute doll-like son named Jee Hyun-Woo. The pictures and name was revealed to public media for the first time in the year 2013. The child was disclosed in the show named ‘Reak Animal Adoption’ what is aired through MBC. The trio, mother, father and son appeared in the show on 20th December.

Ji Suk and His Wife’s Letter

In this year 2017, in the show Running Man 335th episode; both Ji and Ryu were in the show. The major highlight made for the show was ‘Big Nose’ Week’ which was entitled to Ji himself. It was like parting play or something. From the very show, Ji got the name ‘Big Nose Hyung’ and that’s why the show has highlighted as Ji’s week.

In the very show, Ryu was asked to write something about her husband and narrate it. Ryu wrote something in a piece of paper and shared it to the people who were watching the show. Ji became emotional when Ryu made this statement:

‘Dear Husband, it’s already 20 years since I met you for the first time. Both of us were young, and I was finally being able to call you Oppa when our love bloomed as Hyun Woo.’

As Ji was so emotional and the air on the show was about to change, the show was going to be postponed, but later they let their fans decide whether the program to run or held out! Well things turned out good, and the show was not canceled.