Les Stroud Survivorman escaped death but could not escape divorce. His wife petitioned a divorce file that ultimately broke their relationship. Also, Les Stroud son faced an illness which also becomes the topic of the Les Stroud TV shows.

Besides that Les Stroud has a good name in writing and TV shows production. His blooming career in TV shows writing and production is likely to garner him even more fans, audience, and a handsome net worth as of 2017. In contrast, the tragedy struck his family thrice.

First, his wife moved forward to divorce some years back. Second, he survived a near car accident with broken ribs, displaced shoulder, and a pierced lung. Third, his son had to fight a serious illness.

Is Les likely to restart a married life soon? What is his age now? Including his ill son, who else are his children? Hang on with us for a while to know every detail from his age to near death experience.

Les Stroud Married Life: Divorce With Wife And Struggle For Son’s Health

A successful reality TV show writer and producer of the survival genre, Survivorman Les Stroud could not hold his wife for long. Les was brave and full of courage and energy in his reality TV show Survivorman. However, his energy was not enough to sustain his married life.

Les had met the photographer Susan Jamison during his course of survival reality TV shows. Fate led him to the circumstances which found him his would be wife and life conditions took his wife away from him.

Les Stroud with his then wife Susan Jamison

He earned thousands of fans and followers, admiration and appraisal for the show at the cost of his wife. Les Stroud married Susan Jamison Stroud in 1994. The couple bore two children, Raylan Stroud and Logan Stroud. Still, the love of life and children couldn’t hold them for long. Living for 14 years together, they reached a sad split in 2008.

Survivorman Les Stroud’s Near Death Accident

In addition to the tragic split that ended in a divorce, Les faced a near death car accident. The Canada based reality TV show producer, writer, and presenter nearly died in a dangerous car crash on July 10, 2015, in Mongolia.

With serious injuries, Survivorman producer escaped his near death. The Reddit narrates the entire story of the serious accident and its aftermath. A short expert goes like this:

Les was in the back seat of a Toyota Land Cruiser, third in line in the caravan of four vehicles. … The drivers would discuss things in Mongolian grasslands. As Les recalls it, he was looking out of the front window from the middle of the back seat, when all of a sudden something happened, no one knows what, but suddenly the cat spun sideways and skidded for approximately 25′. I then began to roll hard and fast. It rolled twice fully before coming to a stop upright.

How things could get apart in the serious accident are noteworthy. The lead cars of the caravan crew noticed the back ones were giving flashlights to warn the emergency. They realized there was an accident only after the Survivorman equipment spread out of the Land Cruiser to all over the ground.


Caption: Survivorman, Les Stroud survives a major car crash in Mongolia. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold his wife.

The Survivorman crew realized the seriousness of the accident with the observation of the doctor in the crew. In contrast, Les wanted his crew to film the aftermath of the accident and his situation.

“Les had sustained some serious injuries, and it was very likely that he had broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. What they didn’t know was that it was actually much worse”, reports the Reddit.

“In the end, Les sustained the injuries of three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, torn chest muscles and a punctured lung.”

Les was flown back to Toronto, Canada after the accident in Mongolia and then filmed Survivorman and Son with his son. Like the father-son has also survived an almost blood cancer. Les’s son was hospitalized for six months to fight against the disease.

Les Stroud Wiki

Les Stroud was born in Ontario, Canada on October 20, 1961. He has crossed the age of 56. Married to Susan Jamison in 1994, his conjugal life met a tragic divorce in 2008. Les has two children Raylan Stroud and Logan Stroud.


Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker, and musician. The multi-talented star is the all in all of the TV series Survivorman. He carries out the responsibility of the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman, and host of the reality TV show.

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Les Stroud Net Worth

Les Stroud’s net worth as of 2017 is $6 million US dollars.