Racism is oppressing!

Many people have been victims of racism. Yet many are still voiceless. However, a young Aboriginal woman named Leilani Clarke had a different story. All the blues, discrimination converted her energy into something unhealthy. Clarke made the headlines after she spat on an officer and mugged a paramedic in an ambulance in the way to the hospital. She unconsciously delivered harsh comments to the officers.

While allegedly high on illicit substances, Clarke spat on a policeman after smashing furniture in a suburban house, just two days after she kneed a cop in the testicles. She’ll now front Downing Center Local Court.

But who is accountable for Leilani Clarke irrational behavior? Is it the system, society, or Clarke, herself? Let’s find out!

Have a sneak peek into Leilani Clarke biography including her boyfriend, age, nationality, birthday, and height.

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Who is Leilani Clarke?

Leilani Clarke is a young indigenous activist who is facing court for her fourth police assault in a year. She will front Downing Center Local Court as she spat on a police officer while ostensibly high on forbidden substances after smashing furniture in an outer house.

Previously, she pleaded guilty to assaulting an officer in the execution of his duty. She has spat thrice on the officer and addressed the police using the words like “white dogs” and “sl*t.”

Clarke describes herself as a proudly Aboriginal activist. As per her Instagram post, she suffered from “transgenerational trauma” inbred through her indigenous DNA. She spat and kneed an officer in his testicles after she was caught for stealing a $7 chicken curry from a 7-Eleven at Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner west.


On June 28, 2018, Clarke created nuisances in a terrace house in the nearby suburb of Forest Lodge, after police found the home “in a state of disarray.” Nevertheless, her infamy isn’t limited to these events. On January 27, she was found with possession of marijuana. However, the brunette activist justifies all of her erratic behavior with the tyranny of racism.

Despite having model-worthy good looks, Clarke chose to become an indigenous activist. Currently, she is in Newtown police station. She is one of the members of the Butchulla indigenous community on Queensland’s Fraser Coast.

Leilani Clarke Boyfriend and Affair

No one would believe that the stunning dame, Leilani Clarke would do any harm to people looking at her absolute beauty. Precisely, she could easily make anyone fall for her with her alluring persona. However, she has involved herself in many controversies.

Unlike anywhere else, her social media followers are in love with her for her brutally honest behavior and rebellious nature. However, she hasn’t yet found the one to refer him as her boyfriend. As per her Facebook, she has updated her relationship status with officially “single.” Back in May 2017, she uploaded a picture where she dauntlessly captioned about breaking stereotypical boyfriend goals.


As of now, Clarke isn’t dating anyone and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She likes enjoying her leisure time with her best friend, Sharnaya Renae.

Leilani Clarke Wiki – Bio: Age, Birthday, Height, Nationality

Leilani Opal Clarke was born in 1998 in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. She studied environmental science at Sunshine Coast University.

Clarke celebrates her birthday on July 30 that makes her age 20. She is Australian by nationality with Caucasian-White ethnic background.

Amidst all the mishaps, her eternal beauty is undeniable. With an attractive body and a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches, she looks no less than a model.