The One Way Ticket singer LeAnn Rimes was highlighted to controversy over her new tattoo.

The 36 years old singer/actor LeAnn Rimes recently on June 15 posted a photo of her new tattoo on her socials. However, as soon as she dropped the photo, she became an interest of criticisms.

The tattoo read, “god’s work.” But, why is she receiving criticisms for such a good thought?

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Thank you @winterstone for my beautiful new ink! You are a LovE! #tattoo #tinytats #ink #godswork #script #art

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Well, did you notice the small “G” on “god”? It is just because of this small-cased letter that she has become a center of attention.

Besides LeAnn, her tattoo artist, Winter Stone also posted her tattoo on his socials.

While many fans loved the design and the thought of the tattoo, others criticized it.

While one said, “It’s God. Not god. FYI,” another one wrote, “My God has a capital G.”

Though she was criticized, some fans and other celebs had her back. They wrote, “That’s God’s work too,” “God or god – he knows your heart! Have a fabulous day.”

While many argue over God and god, the Merriam Webster dictionary states that the “G” is capitalized only when referring to the creator and it’s lower-cased while referring to a specific type of god!

So, what do you think about God and god? And, what about LeAnn Rimes’ new tat?