The Fox News reporter and TV host Lauren Simonetti is finally married to him whom she had decided never to marry. Today, we will explore Lauren Simonetti’ married life. Lauren Simonetti’s married life is quite the opposite of what she had planned for her husband. Was there anything so serious which let them decide to remain far from getting married?

If there was anything like that, what inspired the Fox News reporter Lauren Simonetti to choose the same person whom she had once decided to avoid?

You will definitely find the following write up interesting to read about Lauren Simonetti’s wedding with her boyfriend. And how good is her married life with her husband? Also, get the details of Lauren Simonetti’s daughter along with her salary, and net worth as of 2018.

Lauren Simonetti Married to Unexpected Guy, But Who is Her Husband?

Lauren Simonetti’s days are busy. She hardly finds spare time for dating and enjoying romantic relationships.

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This is why Lauren keeps relationships with those men who would find Lauren as their priority, not her work or hasty lifestyle.

 Lauren Simonetti and her husband Mark Cubrilo posing romantically for cameras
Lauren Simonetti and her husband Mark Cubrilo posing romantically for cameras

Initially, Simonetti tried avoiding the likes of Mark Cubrilo. However, Cubrilo’s personality and good character changed her thought of not marrying a person on work. As a result, Simonetti tied the knot with Mark Cubrilo, her own contemporary colleague.

Lauren Simonetti Married: The Fox News Colleague Becomes Her Husband

Lauren Simonetti never thought of marrying a working man. However, her current husband persuaded her to marry. The compromise was not only from Lauren Simonetti. Both of them were able to win one another’s heart and take their dating affair to wedding vows. Hence, her love story is not like that of Liz Bonnin and Dalla Campbell.

Lauren Simonetti’s husband, Mark Cubrilo also never thought of marrying a working woman. Actually, he shares the risk of dating a working person:

“We both said we wouldn’t date anyone from work. We made this exception, but were hesitant about that.”

In spite of their common views on dating a working person, they tied their knot and settled for married life. So, how did all this happen? How could they change their decision of not marrying a working person?

Lauren Simonetti’s Dating to Her Unexpected Husband!

It was all love that worked. They didn’t know one another before their first casual dinner! It was Mark’s party which brought them closer. Once Mark had invited his Fox News colleagues for dinner and it was only Lauren who appeared for the gathering.

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Some kind of feeling must have started then. A certain kind of liking grew, but an ice-break was necessary for their dating relationship.

The love sparks later evolved into a dating light of lunch together when Mark’s brother revealed that Mark had a liking on Lauren.

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On the very lunch day, the working partners felt they should reconsider their thought of not marrying.

More About Her Dating and Married Life

The dating started with lunch together, and coffee sips. Mark recalls how dating went:

“We just clicked, When I finally saw her outside of work, I saw her true personality. She’s serious when she needs to be, but there also are a lot of laughs with her and she’s so much fun.”

The regular dating of the working colleagues replaced the thought of not marrying a working person. Lauren Simonetti also became interested more in Mark’s good characters rather than just hating the fact that he is a busy man. Her beautiful words to describe her husband:

“He is pretty selfless. He’s more concerned about me than himself. And he’s trustworthy. I know I can rely on him for anything.”

Quite knowing each other after a few dating events, Mark Cubrilo proposed Lauren Simonetti at a private dinner in the month of April 2015. They tied their knots in October 2015, six months after they formally agreed to get married. The Crystal Plaza, Livingston, New Jersey became the venue for their wedding ceremony and happy celebration.

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Lauren Simonetti married to husband Mark Cubrilo. Lauren Simonetti and husband are now having a happy married life. Photo Credit: silive

Lauren Simonetti’ Married Life: Caring Husband and Good Understanding

Lauren Simonetti does not regret marrying a working husband. Both of them are quite busy traveling to various places and preparing the final news script. Therefore, they understand one another’s problems.

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When Lauren is busy preparing the breaking news headline or the lead news story, Mark understands what she involves in and when Mark is traveling out of the home, Lauren also does not become impatient about his delayed homecoming. Lauren Simonetti reveals how you can keep a strong relationship with your working partner:

“Being flexible, not selfish and understanding what comes with the job.”

Lauren Simonetti’s Daughter

The gorgeous Lauren Simonetti first tweeted on July 29, 2015, that the couple was going to become parents with her pregnant image.

Image result for lauren simonetti husband
Lauren Simonetti pregnant mirror selfie.Photo Credit: Lauren Simonetti Twitter

With bright and optimistic looks, Lauren shared her excitement:

“In about 10 weeks, We become parents!”

Just after a week of the childbirth, Lauren shared her daughter Rae Vivian‘s photo covered in a baby blanket tweeting:

“Rae Vivian is one week old today! Thank you kindly for all your warm wishes and blessings!”

Lauren Simonetti spent her time nursing the baby girl carefully looking after her and ensuring she has enough care and upbringing. She sometimes shares her outing with her daughter.

Lauren Simonetti’ Salary and Net Worth

Lauren Simonetti holds a strong work ethic. Her love for work more than her love for a partner must have persuaded the employers to trust her for the job. Furthermore, she must have got well-paid jobs because of her work ethics. The Fox News is also paying her a handsome salary.

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As of 2018, Lauren Simonetti’s net worth is a huge $5 million, equal to the net worth of Tony Dokoupil. As of now, the journalist has left the Fox Business. What Is she doing after she left the network?

After she said goodbye to the network, the only question arisen in the mind is, why she left Fox News? Even after leaving the network, she came back on December 9. Is she really gone or came back? To know more stay tune with us.

Furthermore, the Fox News pays her an annual salary of $200 thousand, hence, her net worth will surely increase in the coming days. So, we will keep you updating about her net worth.

As of 2019, Lauren Simonetti has an estimated total net worth of around $5.5 million. As we have already mentioned, she made her worth from her career as a journalist. She was a part of Fox News Business which paid her over $200 thousand per year. If she had stayed as a member, she would surely have earned somewhere around $300,000.

Lauren Simonetti’ Wiki Bio, Age

The Fox News reporter Lauren Simonetti was born on April 14, 1981, and hence her current age is 37. Regarding her education, she has university degrees from George Washington University and Columbia University. Moreover, she also worked at CNN as a business news writer and producer in the past.

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In her career in televisions, she took the interviews of the chief executives and traders at the New York Stock Exchange NYMEX, NASDAQ, and CME. She joined Fox Business Network in September 2007 as a field producer and then she became a reporter in September 2011. Now she is a co-host at FBN: AM at the channel aired at 5 AM/ET.

Among social media, Lauren chooses Twitter to update her personal and professional activities. 43.8k people follow her on Twitter. Moreover, the journalist stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch.