Popular conspiracy theorist and political activist Laura Loomer was recently banned from twitter. Besides from being an activist, Laura is also an internet personality.  She shares her views and theories about current political and social issues.

What did the activist do to get herself banned from the site? Dive along as we unravel the truth about this incident and Laura Loomer. Also, explore Laura Loomer Bio, wiki, net worth, married life, and height.

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 Laura Loomer banned from twitter

While giving one of her views regarding political issues, Laura criticized about IIhan Omar by saying she is an anti-Jewish person on one of her tweets. IIhan is the first woman candidate elected for Congress. Laura further said IIhan is from a conservative religion where women are still forced to wear hijab and homosexuality is not supported.

After criticizing IIhan, Twitter banned Loomer by stating that she violated the terms and user agreements of Twitter. The activist had 260,000followers before the ban on her account.

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Laura protested against her ban from twitter by handcuffing herself to the door of Twitter Headquarter. Later the handcuffs were cut down by the police, and she has led away from the property.

She was lucky enough not to be held in prison against her actions. She also posted a picture on her Instagram account saying “TFW you’re suspended from Twitter but still owning the libs”

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Laura Loomer Building A Career Out Of Criticism

Laura first started her career as an employee. She worked for James O’Keefe and learned a thing or two from her job. She then left the job and became the New York correspondent for ‘The Rebel Media which is a Canadian far-right news site.

Before being a correspondent, Laura did a lot of activism work due to which she was able to boost her career of activism. She has done all sorts of things like giving a speech to a massive group of anti-sharia marchers, promoting her agenda on others book unveil and other things.

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When Laura is not busy criticizing others, she is busy writing and sharing conspiracy theories on her social handles. Her latest theory came in October 2018. In the theory, she tried to prove that Democratic politician made the U.S mail bombing attempts.

As far as her career goes, Laura is pretty much successful in it. One can even say she earns a good sum of money from her job. However, there are lots of rumors regarding her earnings and net worth the actual amount of her net worth is still under review.

Laura Loomer Bio and Wiki Facts

Born in 1993, Laura Elizabeth Loomer popular as Laura Loomer is an American Jew. She was born in the 21st of May and raised in Arizona. Laura is a beautiful woman with all the perfect body measurements and a pretty smile.

Laura started her study by attending Mount Holyoke College. She later graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from Barry University.

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The conspiracy theorist is very much secretive when it comes to her personal life. No information regarding her family background is available. Also, the information about her love life is very much in the dark.

The 25-year-old is very much single and happy with her life, but as time goes on, we are likely to see Laura in a relationship in the future.