From the expedition of the prosecutor to the legal analyst, she rose to prominent legal position in CNN team. Furthermore, she is expertise when the cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment, and drug mafia make a roundabout.

We are talking about Laura Coates, a legal analyst of CNN and host of her show airing on Insight and UrbanView, two channels on SiriusXM. Do you want to know more about Laura Coates wiki? Also, discover whom the legal analyst Laura Coates married?

Let’s dig in Laura Coates married life, husband, children, career, net worth, TV shows, bio, and wiki. Stay with us.

Laura Coates’ Married Life and Children; Who is Laura Coates husband?

An enthusiastic analyst of CNN Laura Coates had married for years. So who is Laura Coates married to?

The beau is leading a prosperous married life with her husband Dale Gordon, and they have two children as well. In 2013, the couple’s life blessed with the birth of a son. Similarly, a year later the family bloomed with the birth of a daughter into fours.

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The star often posts several pictures with her husband and children. Check this out:

On Coates’ shows she has surprised fans with the guest arrival of own children. Listeners gladly applauded the presence of her kids on the radio show in March 2018.

Moreover, Coates children also remarked on the show via their innocent conversation. Consequently, it exchanged assertive vibes in the show and audience as well. However, the legal analyst has not revealed the name of her children yet.

Laura Coates Instagram frequently flaunts the four members’ cheerful life. Last year, she uploaded the picture of son carrying a bucket, a daughter handling a bag accompanied by her father in the middle holding the hands. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

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Similarly. Laura also took to her Instagram on July 11, 2018, and showed us what her life has become after becoming a mother. She says she is sometimes a working-mother while the other times, she’s a mother-working. 

Laura’s children is already five. On June 14, 2019, she took to her Instagram to share about her daughter reaching the age of five and how much self-assured she had become at such a young age. 

For a long period of time, Laura is living a blissful married life with her husband. Despite her busy schedule, she takes the proper care of her children.

Laura Coates Career, Shows and Net Worth

Initially, Laura Coates practiced prosecutor and eventually served as a trial attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. She dug in the wide range of drug trafficking case as a former assistant to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. 

Then she began serving in private intellectual property litigation. Since her career expansion elevated in a while, she offered research works on publications to The Washington Post and The Boston Herald.

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Also, she pursued career towards becoming an author with the political scribble of You Have The Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police, which instantly sought the best selling tag in the nation.  

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Regarding the TV shows, she appeared in MSNBC, TVONE, and CNN, rendering the legal information required for analyzing.  Moreover, she is the host of her radio show airing on Insight and UrbanView, two channels on SiriusXM.

Net Worth

What’s the figure of Laura Coates net worth? Let’s figure it out.

The salary is earning of CNN analyst records for $82,000. Also, she is serving as a radio show host in Sirius XM Radio, where the income is worth around $55,000. Likewise, as a law professor, she might make as much as $119 thousand every year. 

Hence, Laura Coates net worth accumulates in the very handsome figure. Laura Coates net worth is roughly assumed in the picture of thousands dollars.

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As of January 2020, she definitely has an estimated net worth of not less than $1 million. With such net worth and salary, she is living a blissful life with her family.

Laura Coates Wiki/Bio; Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Education and Facts!

Laura Coates was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Laura Coates birthday falls on July 11. Her parents raised her in Minnesota. As her date of birth is unclear, so her age is unknown.

She joined the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs for graduation. Then she pursued her career in law.

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As per her LinkedIn, she enrolled at the University Of Minnesota Law School. Eventually, Laura Coates received J.D. degree from Minnesota Law. The Analyst is popular on Twitter for sharing political info as well as stabilizing the same status on Instagram via thousands of followers.

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