Lana Rose who is famously known as the sister of Mo Vlogs has many shades to her which we are going to revel. Firstly she is gorgeous and is makeup queen and does some awesome makeup tutorials in her vlogs. Secondly, she also has a Youtube channel and has almost 3 million views on her swimming video. And most importantly Lana net worth, she and her brother Mo Vlogs have earned a tremendous achievement following their Youtube success, and many of their fans are damn curious to know about the brother-sister duo net worth, their car collection, Lana painting collection and what not.

Also get to know the details of her family, who is Lana’s dad and why is he not in their video. Also is Lana married and has a husband or is she single and planning for a wedding. So without any further ado get the details right here.

Lana Rose Net Worth,  Car Collections, And Paintings

One thing is for sure, Lana Rose net worth is huge and we aren’t amazed by the fact that she makes so much of money. But the question that bugs of her fans and followers are how does Lana make such huge money and the answer to that is hard work guys!

Lana Rose had a pretty good start in the fame industry when she started off by makeup tutorials. Lana created her Youtube channel in the year 2013 but her channel was not an instant hit. She also had an Instagram account and now her Instagram has like 750000 followers.

Caption: First ever makeup tutorial video of Lana Rose posted on 2015.

As of now, Lana has a huge follower in her Youtube channel and though she does not upload a video of the makeup tutorials on a regular basis, when she does she gets a lot of viewers. Lana videos now include Dubai expensive car, visit a shopping center, water park rides and what not.

Lana also has an exotic car collection and some of them include her Lamborgini Huracan she bought in the year 2014.

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With all those vlogs and videos Lana has a net worth of $3 million as of 2017.

AS of 2019, Rose has a net worth of $4 million.