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Quick Facts of

Paula Ann Simonds, popular as Lacey Wildd, is the human version of a Barbie doll after undergoing numerous surgeries. The diva rose to the limelight following her operations and television works.

The West Virginia actress is an American actress cum model and remains an inspiration to the younger generation on the course of transformation. So, today, we gather insight into the glamorous life of the so-called human barbie doll. 

Plastic makes Perfect

The 52-year-old lives by the motto, ‘Plastic makes Perfect’ undergoing more than 36 plastic surgery operations. Despite drastic changes already, the model believes that a lot of work is to be done yet and will undergo more surgeries.

Human barbie model, Lacey Wildd poses in front of her house
Human barbie model, Lacey Wildd poses in front of her house
Image Source: Thecelebscloset

With her inspiring surgery journey, she featured in multiple documentaries like Botched and True Life

Over $250 Thousand on Breast Modifications

The inspiring gorgeous actress spent more than $250 thousand on breast enlargement and modifications. Surprisingly, the actress transformed from A-cup breast to QQQ after 12 successful surgeries. 

YouTube: Lacey Wildd’s strange addiction to enlarge her breasts.

Each of her breasts weighs about 20 pounds, and she is still raring to go more. Consequently, she faced different physical complications, like ripped muscle and veins. In addition to that, she struggles to sleep as she needs to lie at a thirty-degree angle. 

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The model holds an ambitious desire of being the woman with the largest bosom and buttocks in the world. 

Multiple Surgeries for the Dream of A Human Barbie

In pursuit of her barbie body aspirations, she went through more than 36 cosmetic surgeries to improvise on her scintillating figure. She reshaped her nose, stomach, back, and arms. Furthermore, she received criticism for her extreme changes in her buttocks and legs. 

Lacey Wildd with fellow Barbie model Justin Jedlica at an event
Lacey Wildd with fellow Barbie model Justin Jedlica at an event
Image Source: Thecelebscloset

Earlier in 2016, she revealed her desire to own the most extreme body and be a walking cartoon. She was open to working much hard to lose her weight to a size 0

Inspiring Roles on Screen

Wildd appeared in different TV shows throughout her career that reflects on her massive body transformations. She featured in MTV’s True Life, which bagged the Emmy Award for Best Special Class Series

The actress portrayed herself in 20/20Double Divas, and ABC News. Moreover, she also owns a few movie credits on her resume in Dr. IceBlonde Squad, and Beauty and the Beholder.

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The inspiring model worked alongside fellow barbie model, Justin Jedlica in My Strange Addiction on 2014.

Roller-Coaster Married Life of Lacey Wildd

Even though she endures immense success on her surgery and acting journey, Lacey Wildd did not share similar luck in her married life. She exchanged her vows for the first time at the tender age of 16. However, things went sour pretty quickly as she finalized her divorce with two children at 21.

Lacey Wildd is quite secretive when it comes to her private life
Lacey Wildd is quite secretive when it comes to her private life
Image Source: Pinterest

The 52-year-old is a mother of six children Ivy, Silas, Tori Glynn, Michael Wildd, Brandon Wildd, and Jenaveve Glynn. Surprisingly, her daughters don’t stand with her on her idea of barbie’s transformation. Sometimes, her kids also appear on her Instagram.

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Wildd’s mature daughter, Tori shared her belief that her mother’s desire to be a human barbie is immature in all. However, the dissatisfaction is out of her concerns to her mother since the numerous surgeries caused different health issues.

A Professional Psychic

Besides her much gossiped Barbie doll journey, she performs the service of a professional psychic with the name Ghostbusty. She provides this service from her residence itself at Dania Beach, Florida.

Lacey Wildd undergoing surgery in front of the cameras
Lacey Wildd undergoing surgery in front of the cameras
Image Source: Thecelebscloset

The elegant beauty endured different near-death experiences as a child, which she translates to be the reason for her extraordinary capabilities.

Quick Facts: Lacey Wildd

  • One of her daughters, Tori featured a segment of Lacey’s True Life titled ‘I Have A Hot Mom.’
  • Prior to getting into the limelight, she served as a waitress.
  • The barbie diva is a fond dog lover.
  • Despite born in West Virginia, she currently resides in Dania Beach, Florida.
  • At a juvenile age, she, fortunately, refused to get on a car, which later got into a big accident killing all of its passengers.

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