You must have started wondering who this Kristina Sunshine Jung is until you completely read the article’ heading. She is the daughter of a notorious cocaine smuggler, George Jung,  who was imprisoned for 60 years for his crime.

Does society pity George Jung’s daughter, Kristina Sunshine? Even though it is not her fault, but the father’s illegal job must have stained the daughter’s independence.

Rather than as an independent Kristina Sunshine, she is tagged as George Jung’s daughter. How did she struggle for her existence? What were the impacts of the imprisonment of her father? Who was ready to marry George Jung’s daughter? Did Kristina Sunshine Jung’s married life go happily with her husband?

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Read the full article to know George Jung’s daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung’s wiki facts form her ate to married life, husband, divorce, and net worth.

George Jung’s Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung, and the Drama Movie Blow!

There was a movie Blow released in 2001 which was about the cocaine market in the 1970s in the United States, and it depicted the story of George Jung, the smuggler, and his life.

The tragic ending of the movie shows that the daughter does not meet her father in the jail and the audience speculates whether the real George Jung’ daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung also avoided meeting her father in the jail.

George Jung and Kristina Sunshine

The movie predicts a rather cold relationship between the father and the daughter and the audience are curious whether the relationship is the same as depicted in the movie.

Searches on George Jung’s daughter trafficked higher due to the same movie and her father’s criminal history and imprisonment.

George Jung’ Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung Parents and Childhood

There’s no doubt George Jung’s daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung experienced a troubled past because her father was a cocaine smuggler which is illegal. She was born on August 1, 1978, to parents involved in the drugs business.

Kristina Sunshine’ age is now 40, but it was a hard time when her age was 9. Her parents were already divorced, and her aunt looked after her.

When Kristina Sunshine Jung was born, her father was involved in drug smuggling, and her mother was a drug addict. Father George Jung was in jail and George Jung’ daughter couldn’t see her father.

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After their parents’ separation, grandparents and auntie took over her. Kristina Sunshine’s grandparents fully took the responsibility of looking after her until her grandfather died. Then her auntie Marie Jung took care of her until she was 18.

Kristina Sunshine Jung and Her Father’s Relationship Now

George Jung’ daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung never got her father’s love in childhood. George would occasionally be arrested and sentenced to imprisonment and was involved in the underground smuggling job.

Sources say that Kristina never met her father when he was in prison, however, when George Jung came out of prison in 2014, then their relationships moved toward reconciliation, the TMZ reports.

The father and the daughter met frequently and also have started a joint business. The BG Apparel and Merchandise is their clothing brand. In August last year, Kristina wished her father his 74th birthday through her Instagram post.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Husband and Children

Kristina Sunshine Jung was married. Her husband was Romain Karan, and they had a daughter Anthena Romina Karan. Besides these two facts, everything else is almost unknown who Romain Karan was, since when they were dating and changed their relationship into married life. Even whether they are married or not is also not known.

We will soon update the relationship status of the George Jung’ daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung with her husband and daughter soon after we reach up to them.

George Jung Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung Age, Wiki Bio, and Net Worth

Her parents’ drug addiction and involvement in the illegal job resulted in her never feeling what parents’ love is, rather, her grandparents and her auntie took the responsibility for her upbringing. Since she was born in 1978 her current age is definitely 40.

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Kristina Sunshine’ father George Jung was imprisoned, her parents divorced, she lost her loving grandfather even when she needed them.

Kristina Sunshine’ mother Mirtha Jung remained mysterious for all. Her relationship with her father was also not good; maybe she feared meeting him. He was a criminal. She only met him after he completed his prison sentence.

George Jung’ daughter Kristina Sunshine started BG Apparel Merchandise, a clothing company with her father and that credits their combined net worth now. The exact figure is not out. We will soon update the amount as soon as it is made available. Stay updated with us.