Klay Thompson is neither a new name for the basketball viewers, nor a forgettable personality for his women followers. It must be because of the fact that he will garnish most viewers on their media, the publishers jump into his dating history and relationships detail with his girlfriends – the Golden State Warriors makes the topmost headlines curiously covering his personal life along with his sporting victory.

Klay Thompson girlfriend, wife, dating, and married life are the hottest topics related to his off the court personal life if we are not to discuss his professional basketball shooting championship.

So, why not delve into these hottest topics of his personal life here along with a concise wiki bio and net worth facts of the desired sports celebrity here?

Klay Thompson Girlfriend: Who Or How Many? Why This Dating Hide And Seek?

Klay Thompson is irresistibly seductive for women. It is therefore not surprising that his name is linked with many girls. But what is his dating relationship like with all the girlfriends? Is he an unfaithful lover or the girlfriends do share their behalf for the hide and seek?

Incidents are compelling regarding his dating affair. His name is well linked with three so-called girlfriends who are found playing hide and seek with the handsome guy. The Oregon-based model Hannah Stocking, a rising college basketball player Tiffany Suarez, and the Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra have boldly appealed with their love interests on him.

Has their interest received an interest back?  Does Klay Thompson girlfriend changing constantly have more to do with the hide and seek player girlfriend rather than Klay Thompson himself or Klay Thompson wife or the groupie?

Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend Cherise Sandra: Dating Or Married?

Klay Thompson’s rumored girlfriend Cherise Sandra comes on top of the list of Klay Thompson dating affair. It was Cherise Sandra who dared to reveal the closeted relationship out the world through their get together photo posted on Instagram. The photo became viral for a few days before Klay Thompson’s friend falsified all the rumors that Klay Thompson girlfriend was Cherise Sandra.

They aren’t dating at all. The first time they met was that day. She was a guest of a guest, that’s it.”

Why did the picture cause so much of sensation and was viral on the social medial? The later removed Cherise Sandra’s tweet contained the following text:

You & Me baby [] [] Sorry me names tagged on your patio @klaythompson

Klay Thompson’s rumored girlfriend’s text “You & Me Baby” with his name mentioned on the tweet indicates she was fond of him and would be happy to be her girlfriend.

Her signal couldn’t turn into an affair as Klay Thompson soon clarified those were rumors and they were not dating. He has probably not decided on a serious love affair and a settled married life.

Klay Thompson girlfriend Cherise Sandra soon engaged with an another man and bore a baby. She has not revealed whose wife she has become after her failure with Klay Thompson, but the Klay Thompson rumored girlfriend is living an amazingly blissful life with her son.  Still Klay Thompson girlfriend next says Klay Thompson betrayed him. What is this another dating story about?


Caption: Klay Thompson rumored girlfriend Cherise Sandra shares her baby boy’s picture without sharing her married life.

Klay Thompson And Hannah Stocking: Girlfriend, Wife, Or Simply Dating?

Before Cherise Sandra disappeared as Klay Thompson girlfriend with the rapid viral social media post, Klay Thompson girlfriend list consisted an another name: Hannah Stocking. The couple looked so adorable together, the eyeing scene could only be of a going to be husband and wife.

After a year of their love making, that time Hannah Stocking had furiously ended they were dating any more. Hannah Stocking’s tweet which she soon removed accused her dating partner to have betrayed her:

When you catch ur man naked in bed with a groupie…. lol @KlayThompson

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Next Tiffany Suarez: Will The Dating Evolve To A Married Relationship?

The hide and seek list of Klay Thompson girlfriend consists an another name Tiffany Saurez. She is considered one of the most beautiful Basketball players and was found in a dinner get together.

Klay Thompson must have been in a low spirit after publicly attacked by his ex-girlfriend. Their relationship appears more of a courtesy party between the two basketball players rather than a dating event of two soul mates. Tiffany Suarez is more grateful than heartily attracted to the relationship:

Thank you for a stunning night @klaythompson.

After the exposure and publicity of a lot of connections with several women, Klay Thompson is now single and also seen playing with his dog in the San Francisco beaches.

Klay Thompson Age and Wiki bio

Klay Thompson’s age is 27 with his birthday on February 8, 1990 in USA. He is soon going to celebrate his next birthday and you can join him if you are really fond of him. The details of Klay Thompson dad, mom and brother are not revealed to that extent except their name. Klay Thompson dad name is Mychal Thompson and mother name is Julie Thompson. Klay Thompson has two siblings sister Trayce Thompson and brother Mychel Thompson.

Klay Thompson was bestowed the leading basketball warrior after he won the first NBA title in 42 years for Golden State Warrior. He is credited for leading the Golden State Warrior to three consecutive finals and bagging two victory. He is the most significant player of the Golden State Warrior.

Klay Thompson Net Worth

With his several titles and contribution for the Golden State Warrior basketball team, Klay Thompson net worth is in millions. With his recent four year $69 million contract with The Warriors, he will earn an average of $17 million per year.