Many make it to the top of the fame game but only some selected ones get to experience the mountain top at a prime age. Likewise, Kitana Turnbull managed to earn a name for herself from a young age starring in various movies and TV series.

At such an early age, Kitana Turnbull gained a strong fandom throughout the world. She also made herself a great fortune at such a small age. Today in this article, let’s go deeper and know about her detailly.

Kitana Turnbull’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Kitana Turnbull holds an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. Turnbull summoned her fortune from her career as a child actor. She featured in various TV series as a child actress and managed to earn a satisfying income.

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Turnbull featured in various Disney’s TV series through which she gained fame as well as prosperity. She makes an average salary of $56 thousand to $94 thousand annually working in Disney’s movies and TV series. She starred in the TV series like Supergirl, Elena of Avalor, A Series of Unfortunate Events and many more.

Youtube: Kitana Turnbull at Disney’s Premier

The actress also starred in commercials of the various famous brands. She made an average income of $20 thousand to $55 thousand annually starring in commercials. Turnbull featured in the commercials for big companies like Samsung, Honda, Pizza’s Hut and many more.

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Nonetheless, Turnbull also makes impressive earnings from her endorsements and shows. She generates $335 to $560 per post from Instagram as a social media endorsements. So far, she posted over 492 times and owns 111k+ followers.

Kitana Turnbull’s Personal Life: Is She Dating?

Kitana Turnbull is currently single. Turnbull might be focusing on her career rather than involving in any kind of serious relationships. She has not involved in any dating and relationships to date.

Kitana Turnbull Relationships Dating
Kitana Turnbull and Louis Hynes at a premier.
Source: Zimbio

Turnbull is very young to implicate herself in a relationship. According to reports, she has no consideration for datings and relationships. She is just 13 years old which might be the main reason for no relationships and datings.

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The actress is active on Instagram and frequently keeps on posting. She uploads her solo photos traveling in various places. Turnbull also posts photos with her cat which she named Chum.

Turnbull is also very much interested in music. She also keeps on performing at different stages during her free time. The 13-year-old also revealed a single, Forever 7 in May 2016.

Facts About Kitana Turnbull

Where is the birthplace of Kitana Turnbull?

United States

How old is Kitana Turnbull?

13 years old

What is the birth sign of Kitana Turnbull?


What is the Nationality of Kitana Turnbull?


Which Ethnicity does Kitana Turnbull belong to?


What is the color of Kitana Turnbull’s eyes?


Has Kitana Turnbull won any tournaments/competitions?

Hip-Hop Dancing Championship