After the successive reality show Jersey Shore,  MTV is trying to recreate the reality TV magic with the new series, Floribama Shore. In case if you hadn’t heard about the MTV’s Floribama Shore,  it is the new show premiered on MTV from November 27, 2017. As show shares the story of eight young adults, Kirk Medas is one of the star castings on the show. Let’s dig into Kirk Medas wiki-bio for more information about him. Is Kirk Medas dating a girlfriend or has Kirk Medas married already? Know the details and explore the facts on Kirk Medas wiki and also, on Kirk Medas net worth.

Who is Kirk Medas from the reality show Floribama shore? Kirk Medas Wiki-Bio!

Kirk Medas is a city boy from Atlanta.He currently lives in Panama City Beach, where the show takes place. He likes to party and hookup and keeps a smile on his face always.

Caption: Kirk Medas.

Born in the year 1992 in Georgia, Kirk Medas birthday is on 19th of January. At present, Kirk Medas age is 25. With the upcoming birthday celebration, Kirk Medas age will turn to 26.

Outside of that, based on the Instagram, it’s clear that Kirk loves to have a good time. While Kirk apparently likes to go out to the party, he also enjoys being there for his mom, who he walked down the aisle when she got married in October 2016.

Caption: Kirk Medas walked down the aisle alongside his mother, during her wedding to Mr. Lendore.

Kirk has a younger sister. Family means everything to Kirk. He put his family above all other things. However, he has not disclosed much information about his parents and family. His mother got married in 2016 which suggest that she had divorced Kirk Medas’ father or his father has died. Either of the suggestions has not been confirmed yet. However, it is clear that his mother played the role of a father too and raised her son. Kirk mentions about his parents and family most often on Twitter. According to a tweet, Kirk believes in his parents’ advice.

Caption: Kirk Medas believes his parents’ advice.

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Kirk Medas has majored in sports law at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. He is a die-hard fan of University of Miami’s sports teams.

He used to work as a social media manager at Shouty LLC, which according to LinkedIn profile, is a live-streaming and content creating company.

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Is Kirk Medas Dating or Has Kirk Medas Married?

Kirk Medas age is only 25 and will soon turn to 26. So, what do you think? Has Kirk Medas married already?

Well, regarding Kirk Medas married life, he has not married yet. There is still time for the young actor to get married to a wife and have children. So, for now, Kirk Medas married life, Kirk Medas wife, and Kirk Medas children are all future talks.

Looking at Kirk Medas Instagram, he is a ladies man. His Instagram account is full of the picture with girls. However, all of them are his friends only. He had no any dating affair before joining the show. So, will Kirk Medas find a perfect girlfriend among one of the female cast members?

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Kirk Medas Net worth

Floribama Shore must have paid enough fee to Kirk Medas for appearing on the show. However, Kirk Medas net worth is under review as of earlier 2018. So, stay in touch, we will soon update you on Kirk Medas net worth!