Kim Kardashian, the queen of the American Reality Show, is always on the highlights of news and internet. She, herself goes through so many ups and downs that the media cannot stop looking towards her direction.

You are well known for a fact about Kim getting famous after the leak of the most controversial video of the year 2007, “Kim Kardashian, Superstar” which happened to be the sex tape of Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray-J.

So let us begin with her top five controversial pictures of Kim Kardashian:

1. Uncovered assets, New York, Go Crazy

The mother of two kids nearly got dozens of man’s manhood to go high enough when she wore a see-through tank top as she stepped out from her drive. The makeup fond, Kim, went braless flashing her nipple through her dress to the public, media, and photographers around.

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She looked normal as she walks through all of them and getting shots from many photographers.  If you are wondering about Kim Kardashian’s bra size, you may figure out it from this uncovered assets picture that may blow your mind. (Valium)

2. The sex tape

If it’s said that Kim Kardashian would be nothing if the sex tape of her with her ex-boyfriend weren’t leaked, then everyone would agree on it. The main reason behind being the most searched celebrity in google (2008) is the leak of her scandal, “Kim Kardashian, Superstar,” with her ex-boyfriend Ray-J.

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The size of her boobs and hips started being the keen interest of everyone around the globe. Her hidden things inside the bra of size 34D gained a lot of attention along with her big 42 inches butt below the 26 inches waistline.

3. Playboy nude photo shoot

72 days, wife of Kris Humphries and now married to a famous American rapper, Kanye West, even posed nude for the famous adult magazine, Playboy. In 2007, she was offered to pose nude for the Playboy magazine. But later on, in an interview with Bazaar Magazine, she mentions she regrets posing nude for Playboy and she added that it was all because of the pressure from her mother to do so.

4. X-Ray Proved natural bum

Are looking for Kim Kardashian bum size? Kim Kardashian is blessed with a huge bum and it may make a wet mouth, more in her two-piece and bikinis. But after being tired of hearing that her bum was not real, she decided to make everyone shut by having an x-ray of it proving it was all natural.

5. Nude Pregnancy

The nude pregnancy photo 36 years old reality queen was the talk of the town and she was able to attract the attention of media. She shared her baby bump uploading a new photo on the Instagram account. She had previously mentioned her fans about the struggles of her pregnancy. She said,

“I’ve learned to love my body at every stage! I am going to get even bigger & that is beautiful too! I’m blessed even to be pregnant!”