The myriad of the young Hip-Hop artist, Kenny Mukendi, aka Kenny Vulcan is still a mystery since he went missing on 13th April 2018. Shortly afterward recording at the studio accompanied by vanishing social media accounts, cops believed that the artist, Kenny Mukendi threw himself in the western Rio. Is Kenny Mukendi death news circulating the web true? What does Kenny Mukendi wiki say about? Who was Kenny Mukendi girlfriend?

Get to know everything about Kenny Mukendi’s age, wiki, height, net worth, parents, girlfriend, and ethnicity.

Kenny Mukendi death

Since 13th April, the rapper Kenny Mukendi went missing in the Rio for more than weeks. The police assumed that the artist had thrown himself in the sea. Moreover, his bag pack which comprised of the phone, passport, pen drives, wallet, headphones, and laptop was found by the surfer. Hence, the speculation regarding Kenny Mukendi suicide came into existence.

Kenny Mukendi’s age, wiki, height, net worth, parents, girlfriend and ethnicity
Caption; Family of Brit rapper Kenny Mukendi upset after Brazilian cops call off the hunt and claim he jumped into the sea

Source: The Sun

The CCTV footage showcased Kenny Mukendi for the last time as he was taking Uber towards Mirante do Roncador – a cliff-top beauty spot. Amidst the missing period, two witnesses claimed on spotting the similar distinctive pale looking musician, Kenny Mukendi on 21st April and 27th April respectively. Therefore, his father urged the strong possession of police force investigation.

While the family was unfamiliar with Kenny Mukendi health hazards, the ongoing investigation displayed the series of depression hunt on the Hip-Hop artist. On July, Cops found the dead body of Kenny Mukendi, which washed away ashore on 5 May near Mirante do Rocandor in the west of Rio de Janeiro.

Who was Kenny Mukendi girlfriend?

The talented artist, Kenny Mukendi who has appeared alongside Nicki Minaj and James Blunt was dating 20-year-old Renata, Lima. She is a tattoo artist by profession and hails from Brazil. As he was on the verge of leaving Odkill Record Studio, Renata Lima contacted him on the WhatsApp.

“I spoke to Kenny on WhatsApp on the day he disappeared. He was his usual self, happy and positive. He never showed me that he had any suicidal thoughts.”

Kenny Mukendi’s age, wiki, height, net worth, parents, girlfriend and ethnicity
Caption; Renata Lima and Kenny Vulcan

Source: BBC

She could have never thought that would be the last conversation between them. After the days of missing, Kenny Mukendi girlfriend and father reported the cops.

Kenny Mukendi Net Worth

From early days, he inclined towards the music industry. Kenny Mukendi’s potential of fresh music confined him to perform along Nicki Minaj and James Blunt. He moved to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil so that he could sharpen skills within Hip-Hop array.

Let’s explore Kenny Mukendi net worth? How much did he earn via musician skills? As of 2018, Kenny Mukendi net worth revealed to be $30,000 US dollars as of 2018.

Kenny Mukendi Wiki-Bio

He was born December 8, 1996, in Woolwich, England. 22-year-old Kenny Mukendi was a son of Ken Mukendi and Beatrice Mukundi. Kenny Mukendi family had difficulty in accepting their son demise. They were even unaware of Kenny Mukendi depression series. His father cited:

“We have this strong inner belief that Kenny is still out there somewhere.”

Kenny Mukendi’s age, wiki, height, net worth, parents, girlfriend and ethnicity
Caption; Kenny Mukendi with father Ken Mukendi

Furthermore, the decomposition led to delay in the identification of whether the body belonged to Kenny. Hence, Kenny Mukendi requested for the second DNA test when the body was sent to the UK, from Brazil.