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Know Kendall Vertes Net Worth and Salary in 2017: She is living like Princess!

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If you just landed on this page, we should presume you either fan of Kendall, or you have seen Dance Moms. The one, who is just 14 years old, had won millions of fans and hearts around the world through her extraordinary dancing skills is Kendall Vertes. In this column, we would be sharing information of Kendall Vertes net worth along with her lifestyle and personal information!

Kendall Vertes Net Worth and Salary

Vertes started her career as TV personality from the show named ‘Dance Moms, S2.’ As she was a dancer, all of us know her for her dancing skills. But if you are not sure, let us tell you she is a singer as well.


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After being famous through the show, she started being active on her YouTube channel. This channel mostly features her dancing along with some other influential dancing skills. As of 2017, her estimated net worth counts $1.5 million. For the age of just 14, it is quite a lot to be counted on.

As of the source, her net worth rose because of her fame and from his salary. The net worth also increased from her YouTube channel. According to What Net Worth, her estimated annual salary is $500 thousand. If we have to count it in a month, she earns $41 thousand. Talking about income from her channel, she receives around $500 per day. Isn’t this one huge amount to make for Kendall Vertes?

Apart from singing and dancing, Vertes also is in on fashion design. Here is the picture on her Instagram account where she shared her self-designed cloth!

Kendall Vertes Lifestyle: Live Like Princess!

For the person who has a net worth more than a million in this kindling age, you might guess her lifestyle as well. If you don’t know, she lives like a princess. Earning salary more than an ordinary man does, she spends her wages and income visiting different places, and also in shopping.

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Kendall Vertes Quick Bio

Kendall was born on 9th December 2002. She was born to Jill Vertes and Erno Vertes home in Pennsylvania. Her official career started from the Dance Moms S2 as TV star. The names of her siblings are Charlotte and Ryleigh Vertes. She is mostly active on her YouTube channel and Instagram account.