Kellyanne Conway, formerly Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is well-known being American Republican Campaign Manager and also a counselor. She is best known for being a counselor and senior advisor of Donald Trump, the President of America. In this column, we will be discussing Kellyanne Conway’s married life, her career, and her relationship!

Kellyanne Conway’s Career

Before going directly to the hot topic, let us tell you something about her career as well. Kellyanne is the CEO of Woman Trend Polling Company and is also known for being the author of the book, What Women Really Want. She has been able to make her name in political news commentator as well.

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Don’t you want to know how Kellyanne and Trump are connected? Formerly she was Ted Cruz’s supporter. Being in a rivalry, she was asked to leave Ted and work as a strategist for Donald Trump. She accepted the offer and worked as a campaign manager for Presidential Camp. She succeeded in impressing Trump which helped her to hit the media’s limelight.

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Kellyanne is one successful lady who gained maturity in her career and politics, but are you not curious about her married life? Don’t you want to know her husband’s name and kids? Well, take a deep breath and read all the details below.

Kellyanne Conway’s Married Life: Husband is George T. Conway III

Kellyanne Conway married George T. Conway III who is one of the renowned lawyers. If you are a regular news viewer, you must have heard this name. He was the one who was involved in Paula Jones and Bill Clinton’s Lawsuit.

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The duo tied the knot in the year 2001 and it’s already more than 20 years since they are living together in their home in NJ. One thing is fascinating; there is no news till date about their disputes and quarrels. Although the couple is busy in their career, they still manage time to spend some quality time along with children.

Kellyanne Conway and Her Children

This beautiful pair is blessed with four children. They were expecting a baby in the year 2005, but they were lucky enough to have twins.

The duo named them Claudia and George IV. And things were not over. Later, Kellyanne and George were blessed again with twins a few years back. This time two daughters were born, Charlotte and Vanessa.