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Is Kelly Monaco Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend? Know Her Dating History!

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The private affairs and professional affairs is something that public figures never want the media to know publicly. There are some celebrities who keep those things as publicity stunt while some do not open the secret box. We are talking about Kelly Monaco who falls on the category of keeping personal affairs out of the limelight. She is seen mostly with all the celebrities around but never disclosed the fact of her dating life. Today, we shall uncover Kelly Monaco dating life along with her dating history till date!

Is Kelly Monaco Dating? Well, who’s Her Boyfriend Then?

The star from the TV show ‘General Hospital’ always is successful in keeping the private affairs out of the limelight. The 40 years old charming actress was rumored to be dating Billy Miller, who is one of her co-actors in the year 2015. But, Kelly denied the news stating him to be only one of her good friends. The news came to surface when the rumored duo was seen together in Malibu beach having some good time.

When Kelly was asked for the explanation of her holiday at beach, she replied:

‘We weren’t just two; we were with bunch of close friends. I went there to have some good time after long working hours.’

Further, she also mentioned Billy to be her good friend.

‘I am single and so is Billy. We are just good friends who love freedom and socialization.’

It is not the time just to speculate, as we have seen Monaco playing with Billy in bikini. As she mentioned earlier, she seems to be with her friends but was closer with Billy. From the look of them, it does not seem like them to be friends only. Both of them are actors of the ‘General Hospital’ and are portraying the role of Samantha McCall and Jason Morgan respectively.

Kelly Monaco Dating History

Although Kelly is not too open to public, she was assumed allegedly being linked with some celebrities. Here is the bunch of information we collected about her dating history till date!

Val Chmerkovskiy and Kelly Monaco
Val Chmerkovskiy and Kelly Monaco

Once, Kelly was linked with Val Chmerkovskiy who is a well-known dancer. He used to work as dancing partner with Kelly and people used to speculate him to be her boyfriend. The people also speculated them to be dating as the duo was engaged in horseplay. In the year 2012, the alleged duo was seen flirting as well. The source mentioned their flirting in descriptive way:

‘Everyone here in the set talks about this flirting couple to be very much enjoying.’

According to In Touch Weekly, Kelly was linked with Heath Freeman in the year 2010-2011. Further it is also mentioned that Kelly ended up her love life with Heath to date Val, the dancer.

Heath Freeman and Kelly Monaco
Heath Freeman and Kelly Monaco

Dating Life before Val and Heath

In her early times, Kelly was connected with Mike Gonzalez. She herself mentioned him to be her high school love. According to the source, the duo was in same school and graduated in the same year. Further, it is also mentioned that the duo started dating in the year 1991, and after 18 years broke up in the year 2010.

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