Star Wars: The Last Jedi is soon going to be released in December. It has already introduced some similar names like Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro. But one newcomer to the cast: Kelly Marie Tran might be unfamiliar to some of the fans. She might be a familiar face to Internet comedy fans as she has appeared in several CollegeHumor videos on YouTube. Only a few know about her personal details. So, today let’s learn the love life of the actress. Is Kelly Marie Tran married to a husband or is she dating a boyfriend or is she single? Let’s dig in to find out the answer:

Kelly Marie Tran Married? Have Any Children?

Fans often ask questions about Kelly Marie Tran’s relationship status. Is she a married girl or just dating a boyfriend?

Well, Kelly Marie Tran has no husband in her life. Thus, she has not married anyone yet. She is an unmarried girl without any children. Kelly has never talked about getting married or her plans on marriage. She has yet not talked about what qualities in her future-husband she seeks.

Who will be Kelly Marie Tran’s husband? Everyone is excited to know. When Kelly opens about her relationship status and talks about her future husband or her plans on getting married, we will update you as fast as possible. Till then, Kelly Marie Tran’s married life and her husband is just a future talk only. And of course, Kelly Marie Tran’s children too.

Kelly Marie Tran Dating A Boyfriend?

Is Kelly Marie Tran’s dating life just a future talk like Kelly Marie Tran’s married life? She is pretty and gorgeous. So, she must be in love and dating someone. Many people expect such things. But does Kelly stand on the people’s expectation?

Well, she doesn’t. It seems as if she is not dating anyone and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Kelly has never talked about her boyfriend to the public, nor she has posted or mentioned her boyfriend’s name in the social media. Whether Kelly is hiding her boyfriend or she doesn’t have any, it’s still a mystery.

So, what do you think about Kelly Marie Tran’s dating life? Has she a boyfriend. Well, we can’t say anything for sure unless we have a leading proof. So, until Kelly herself make her boyfriend or dating life public, we are bound to say that she may or may not be dating. It will be really exciting to know Kelly Marie Tran’s boyfriend in the future.

Kelly Marie Tran’s Wiki-Bio

Kelly Marie Tran’s birthday is on the 17th of January. She was born in 1989 in San Diego, California. Kelly Marie Tran’s age is 28 as of now. But with the upcoming birthday celebration in January 2018, Kelly Marie Tran’s age will be 29. Though her age is 28, it looks like her age is in between 23-25.

Kelly Marie Tran’s nationality is Vietnamese-American. As a Vietnamese, Kelly Marie Tran’s height is 5 feet 3 inch which is considered low to the average height.

No information has been disclosed to Kelly Marie Tran’s family. She has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows which include Discount Fitness, Pub Quiz, Fall Into Me, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and About a Boy.

Kelly also posts CollegeHumor videos on YouTube which include “Are You Asian Enough,” “Philosophical Truth or Dare,” “I’m So Broke,” and “If You’re Only 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old.

As an actress and Vlogger, Kelly has earned a handsome amount of money. But the exact figure of Kelly Marie Tran’s net worth has not been disclosed yet. As of 2017, Kelly Marie Tran’s net worth is estimated to $3 Million.