The famous news anchor, Kelly Frey became prominently known for her work in the WTAE-TV network from where she not only earns fame but also a hefty amount of paycheck.

Kelly Frey recently suffered from a life-threatening disease, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. But she received treatment at the Hillman Cancer Center and with the support of her family, she overcame her battle with cancer. Learn more about her family life in this article.

How is Kelly Frey’s Family Life Going?

The beautiful news reporter, Kelly Frey tied the knot with the love of her life Jason Luhn in early 2000s. The loving couple leads a very strong married life together. Furthermore, they remain free from any rumors of extramarital affairs till now.

Jason Luhn and Kelly Frey
Jason Luhn and Kelly Frey,
Source: post-gazette

Kelly may lead a successful wedded life and a flourishing career, but the same cannot be said about her family life. Even though they gave birth to two beautiful children, her firstborn Bennett Luhn born in 2009 and their youngest baby, Marena Luhn born on April 11, 2011, she had to almost say bye to her firstborn.

Life Changing Experience of Kelly Frey

Their firstborn son suffered from Dandy-Walke Syndrome, which affected his motor skills greatly and also he did not possess any cerebellums. Bennett underwent brain surgery soon after his birth so they could cure his diseases. But the doctor asked them to prepare for the worst after the operation.

Kelly Fray with her family
Kelly Fray with her family,
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Kelly and her loving husband Jason prepared for the worst and hired a photographer from the Now I Lay Me Down non-profit organization. They thought of catching their final moments with Bennett but miraculously he started to get better day by day.

Kelly Fray taking a selfie during her time in chemotherapy,
Kelly Fray taking a selfie during her time in chemotherapy,
Source: Facebook

That wasn’t the only struggle she faced in her life, back in 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kelly started going through chemotherapy at the Hillman Cancer Center and later she surgically removed the cancerous lump of flesh in November of 2017. And on November 22, 2017, she shared an emotional video on completion of her 23rd and final radiation session.

How Much is Kelly Frey’s Net Worth?

The very talented, Kelly Frey holds an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2019. Furthermore, she mostly earns her wealth through her career as a news reporter on the WTAE network.

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Moving on to her salary, the average pay an anchor earns is $53,441 per year. However, their income varies a lot with their educational and job experiences. A newscaster can earn from $44,362 a year to the highest of $92k annually. She started working at WTAE in 2000 and currently works for Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 This Morning.

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With her money, she and her family are living in comfort and luxury as of 2019. But, due to the lack of her online presence, it is hard to determine her assets. But with her net worth, she must live in a lavish house and drive an expensive car.

Quick Facts of Kelly Frey

How old is Kelly Frey?

45 Years Old

What is Kelly Frey’s nationality?


Which ethnicity does Kelly Frey belong to?


Which school did Kelly Frey graduate from?

Downingtown High School

Which college did Kelly Frey graduate from?

The University of Pittsburgh

What is Kelly Frey’s hair color?


Which color are Kelly Frey’s eyes?